The POTUS Is Arrestable Part II

“Through the matter of black lives, all lives of US citizens matter”

Wanted: Public Enemy Number 1, Part II
The Commander In Chief of the United States Armed Forces
Threatens Security of the United States

Part I: Introduction – The Four Goals | Part III: Stern Warning
Part IV: US Military Poised To Arrest

The Authority of We the People

The *Preamble authority We the People, do hereby charge this POTUS – # 44 with the human rights crime of violating Section I & II of the Civil Rights *Act of 1866, by his active advocacy of the systematic, ethno-racial cleansing from American society, black US citizens, i.e., Negroes, Colored People, erroneously dubbed, “African-Americans”, and thereby replacing them with civilian citizens of foreign nations illegal within the United States.

We the People allege that , by leading an invasion-occupation of the United States via its rogue immigration policies, this particular POTUS is “waging war on black lives and their matter for which 740,000 young, innocent, white boys and men perished in the US Civil War.

“Preamble”– The grand “Key” to the Constitution. Without the living, breathing action of We the Peoples, the Constitution is merely an in adamant piece of paper.

“the Act” – The Act is the Progenitor and “Rosetta Stone” of the 14th Amendment, by which it is codified into the Constitution to prevent future repeals by either the Congress or Presidency

The Count
POTUS is actively using the Power of the Presidency to advocate for and lead a non-militaristic, stealth, invasion-occupation of the USA by citizens of foreign countries, erroneously dubbed, “immigration” (illegal), thereby abetting and giving aide for foreign and domestic enemies of state.

  • Should the POTUS be successful in his threat of eliminating the descendants of chattel slaves from American society, then according to the Constitutional arrangements that determines the fate of this “nation of immigrants”, the great, unprecedented, Exceptional, American Experiment will be a colossal failure. The American Dream becomes a nightmare for the whole world.

Evidences Exhibits
A. The Cognizance of the POTUS – According to the following, pertinent, points:

1. this POTUS is eligible for arrest, especially as being a professed Constitutional scholar and attorney (2008 licensed surrendered), he is cognizant of the Act’s special duties bestowed upon the Executive Office in this matter concerning state and fate of chattel slave descendants, Freemen, Refugees, all subsequent Jim Crow survivors, and their descendant children.

2. Garnering the Presidency, based on the legacies of the chattel slave descendants and that of the Civil Rights Jim Crow survivors, he was /is in full cognizance that the so called African-Americans, whom are barely 12 ½ % of the general population, disproportionately, and too often numerically, lead all other American groups in nearly every, negative, social statistics in country.

a. Yet, the state and fate of these Americans upon whose legacies that he stands on, is in worse condition since his presidency

  b. Instead to using the Presidency to assist the intended Subjects of the Act, he instead advocates for illegal aliens and their children.

B. The Duty of the POTUS

• Since 1866, it is the sworn, before GOD duty of every POTUS to defend and protest these unique Americans as the most sacred, manifested, front line-cause of defense of the US Constitution, whereby the citizenry rights of “white citizens” are not only protected, but encouraged to flourish in a free market-capital, enterprise society governed as a We the Peoples’ republic.

• Yet, this POTUS dares to continue to offend and challenge GOD, Who is the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence by threatening harm to the descendants of chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, and Jim Crow survivors by refusing to execute the Congressional Orders of the Act, and in doing so, is encouraging their destruction. This is especially poignant in light of his immigration policies and practices.

• By the foolish consent of the deceived We the People, this POTUS, has and is blatantly rebelling against the responsibilities of Sections *4, 8 & 9, but is rather usurping the authority of the Presidency by literally leading the foreign alien invasion from within the heart of this country.

Section 4   “…every other officer who may be specially empowered by the President”

Section 8, “And be it further enacted, That whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that offences have been or re likely to be committed against the provisions of this act”

Section 9, “And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, or such person as he may empower for that purpose,”

C. The Anti-Lincoln
While every POTUS since and including, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald Ford, James E. Carter, Ronald W. Reagan, George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, all of whom have violated Section I & II of the Act by either their benign negligence to the Subjects of the Act, or direct advocacy of the invasion-occupation which has contributed to the threat of today, none have violated as much as this present one.

• Not since Abraham Lincoln circa 150 years ago during the Civil War over the British inherited and continuing matter of chattel slave and its aftermath, have We the People witnessed such a blatant anti Constitutional antics as this particular POTUS. 

  • However, unlike Lincoln, this POTUS is an anti-works of the “great emancipator” in that he has deceptively cloaked himself in the his legacy to eliminate and replace the Subjects of the Act with illegal aliens and their children.

D. The Official Congressional Apology for Chattel Slavery and Jim Crowism
This “nation of immigrants” officially admits and affirms this fact, in self confession that the past evils-sins of the We the People of the United States, clearly has generational effects upon the freed, chattel slaves descendants and Jim Crow survivors, even into future generations, by its two Congressional Confessions Resolutions. They are:

The 2008-2009 Congressional Apologies For Chattel Slavery and Jim Crowism;
The 2005 Senate Apology For Lynching

E. Anchorism: Anchor-Baby; “Birthright Citizenship”, etc.
To dispel doubts about the existing power of the Act as applied to its originally, intended Subjects, the illicit use of the 14th Amendment, verifies the validity and continued legitimacy of the Act.
• That which was/is meant for the Subjects of the Act according to Section 1, has become the very “weapon” of their destruction by the hand of this POTUS.

Example: Should Anchorism continues its generational trek, the generations of grand children of illegal aliens will grow into massive voting numbers, by which they could nullify the 15th Amendment to the Subjects of the Act, thereby jeopardizing their fate as experiential US citizens.

  •  When citizenship is lost, the second half of the chattel slavery abolishing 13th Amendment, will eventually take effect, stating the evil institution is abolished, except in the prison industrial complex.
  • the Subjects of the Act, i.e., Chattel Slave Descendants, Refugees, Freemen, Jim Crow Survivors and their descendant children are disproportionately and too often numerically, the national leaders of negative social statistics above all ethno-racial identities and nationalities.

Along with other rebellious, anti-Constitution elements, the POTUS contends that what his Lincoln-like actions on behalf of the foreign invader-occupiers, is in support for the “new” Civil Rights movement.

If indeed, illegal immigration is the “new”, what happened to the “old”? Did America finally overcome its continuing, inherited, generations-destroying chattel slavery, Jim Crowism, and its generational aftermaths? If so, in light of the negative social statistics, where is the evidence?

Therefore, the illicit use of he 14th Amendment itself, reveals that through the proper use of the Act, which is the source of the 14th Amendment to arrest the POTUS, is validated and verified.

F. The Fate of the Nation

• Before GOD, the fate of the whole nation now depends on whether or not the Patriots can persuade the POTUS to let HIS people “go free” according to the Constitutional Promise that the free chattel slaves’ descendant children, et al, are assured to experience an “equal justice-protection under the law”, US citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” – Section

WARNING: According to the US Constitution, should We the People of this “nation of immigrants” fail to achieve that Promise, the American Dream Experiment of a republican form of government ends in failure.

However, should this POTUS reject the persuasions of the Patriots in this particular matter, it is then incumbent upon We the People, according to the solemn Preamble charge to us to enforce Section 2 and have him immediately arrested, that this “nation of immigrants and chattel slaves” might be saved by the Blessing and Power of GOD…even as Abraham Lincoln finally discovered.

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