At last: The US Super Citizen “black” Man With The Plan (no other!)

Prescribing The Immediate End To Illegal Immigration
The Greatest Fear of the Race-based, La Raza, posed as the largest, most powerful civil rights movement and organization in the USA.
Read and Apply It NOW While There Is Yet Time

After years of American, US patriots bemoaning, “Where are the blacks?” “Illegal immigration-occupation effects’ blacks the most!…”

…This “Black” Guy Stands and Steps Up to the Challenge
Well, at last, someone black, who keenly understands his peoples’ 14th Amendment, super citizenship status, is standing and stepped up with specific, plans, means and strategies by which we together can help save Union of the United States.

It appears that for the first time in recorded, world history, a nation and its original ideals is being destroyed from an internal, self-inflicted scourge by the ravages of an multinational, non-militaristic, civilian, foreign citizen, invasion, occupation, literally, promising to do just that.  

Tragically, the United States federal government has allowed, and often promoted the existence of this state of affairs since, whereby planned generational devastation has now been proven successful.

This destruction upon the freed chattel slaves began in earnest by policy of the 1877, Democrat/Republican Parties Compromise over the fate of the new 14th Amendment citizens and their descendant children. This was the birth of Jim Crow, which lived to 87, generations-destroying years, until deceased by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The holds true for the recent decades, whereby every POTUS, since Lyndon B. Johnson to Donald J. Trump, has acquiesced to what is erroneously dubbed, “illegal immigration” supported by the cries for comprehensive immigration reform, which to most US citizens of knowledge consider a series of amnesties”.

To my knowledge, there is not another black, person in the USA who has the experience, knowledge, wisdom, and insight that I posses on this critical, national security threat.

Until now, US citizens have not seen on television or heard on radio, internet as well as traditional news media, neither conservative, nor liberal black person put a strong resistance or challenge to comprehensive immigration reform.

However, since early 2005, that is what exactly I have been doing. My record speaks for itself. Google “Ted Hayes – Immigration”. Also, visit and www.TedHayes.US

As with most aware US citizens, though we have our respective and counter positions on comprehensive immigration reform, DACA, etc., it’s remedy of the Moratorium Proposition to research, discover and present the truth of the matter, whether “illegal immigration” hurts US black citizens more than anybody else”, or not, and depending on outcome, take the appropriate, unifying actions, whereby all effected parties are mutually benefited.

Graciously Granted Unassailable Plans and Strategies
Not to sound arrogant, but I am putting forth my plans and strategies as the primary “weaponry” to deliver this “divided house against itself, nation of immigrants” into a place of healing by GOD, the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence.

If anyone thinks that they have a better immediate, as well as long term plans and strategies, or can add theirs to mine, I challenge, indeed beg them to step forth now, or adopt and immediately implement what is being presented to you by the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC).

My Unique and Unparalleled Credentials
As a Civil Rights activist, I have been forged by the fiery trials of voluntary homelessness in downtown Los Angeles, considered its “ground 0”, and the national capitol of such, as well as suspiciously a Sanctuary City for illegal aliens.

• It is obvious that the two disasters of homelessness, and the civilian, foreign citizen, invasion, occupation are inter-related and thereby, interlocked.

This unique, unprecedented, action and experience in all US history, has naturally granted me a specially keen insight as how to immediately stop and rectify the destructive effects of “illegal immigration” while simultaneously resolving-minimizing the ravages of homelessness; and cause Healing to the 1776 inherited, chattel slavery-race wound to our country’s national, collective and generational soul.

After 20 frustrating years of activism on behalf on the homeless, in 2004, I finally understood and accepted the harsh reality that the “illegal immigration” is a primary political source preventing homeless US citizens and our military Veterans from being relieved homelessness and subsequently prospered.

Even as I have devised a national plan to eradicate or minimize the ravaging of homelessness upon our free society, GOD has graced me with another such strategy to STOP and turn back the forces of the multi-national, non militaristic, civilian, foreign citizen, invasion occupation.

The Salvation of the Nation Hinges Upon The Just Existence of Blacks In The USA
While I do understand and appreciate the fact that the invasion-occupation negatively affects all US citizens, its is being demonstrated, however, that it if allowed to continue at any pace, American, blacks, i.e., the descendants of chattel slavery, Jim Crow survivors, erroneously dubbed, Negroes, Coloreds, African-American, et al, will be ethnically cleansed out of American society, and eventually experience a horrifying genocide.

Unfortunately, for all other American citizens, including new willing immigrants (legal and illegal), as well as immigration candidates, according to the edicts of the US *Constitution, this orchestrated, stealth destruction of the chattel slave descendants, et al, will be the ultimate doom of the great American Dream Experiment. In fact, the America that willing immigrants came here for will no longer exist, and the freedom guarantees that they sought be but a myth.

“Constitution” – The 14th Amendment which codified into the Constitution its Progenitor and “Rosetta Stone”, the 1866 Civil Rights Act, has instructed the federal government to ensure that the freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, all victims of 99 years of generational destructive Jim Crowism, i.e., legislated, racism, or else loose this Judaic-Christian, Exceptional Union. See Gettysburg Address Admonition and Warning

No other Americans, including the Indigenous Peoples have experienced such government instituted suppression and oppression by this “nation of immigrants”.

This is especially poignant, as this anti GOD/Christ-human legislation of a whole country against these innocent peoples, came immediately on the heels of 245 years of slavery, with 225 being that of its peculiar, human chattel institution.

It has been made clear to me that were it not for the unfinished business that our founding fathers charged to We the People of the United States to form a more perfect Union with its obvious imperfection of generations-destroying chattel slavery, this POTUS nor the CIO would be exist.

The Open “Wound”
As a gapping wound to the soul of the national, collective, generational, body politic of this “divided house”, the POTUS slipped into the heart of our Republic’s power, even as the illegal immigration has done being based on the generational slavery and Jim Crow experiences, including the twisted misuse of the US Civil Rights laws and legacies.

True to the fact, the public-government and private leaders of the guilt-whipped American * “white citizens” who primarily are Euro-Anglo-English speaking Caucasians of willing immigrant heritages, (legal and illegal), have not been able to prevent, nor stop the CIO and the POTUS who have craftily shrouded themselves in the defensive cloak of racial sensitivities.
• “white citizens” – The Constitutional term according to Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act. It is not a pejorative.

The CHNC Can Equip and Train You
However, not being of the dominant Caucasian power structures and entities of this “divided house nation of immigrants”, our entry to the “frontlines” of defense can’t come about without their/your direct invitation and ordination.

This means, not just merely showing up at rallies, demonstrations, and giving patriotic testimonials at meetings and sometimes on radio and television, but rather Patriots give audience to our thoughts, ideas, plans, strategies and ability to equip and train you in their usage…otherwise we are but powerless tokens, which does appear to be racist.

In order for the dominant sector of We the People, beint the posterity of the founding fathers to fulfill their obvious unfinished business, it is imperative that the Patriot leadership adapts the Lincoln Factor and allow us American, US citizens of chattel slave descent and Jim Crow survivors to take up our position in this great, epic battle for the United States of America,.

See Lincoln Factor  and Do visit Media-Press Talking Points

You’re The Boss. Its Up To You To Allow Us Blacks In The Fight
Unless you are all talk about stopping illegal immigration and the POTUS, please study the CHNC plans and strategies, adopt and disseminate them to your families, friends, associates, constituents, and especially Patriot leaders in government and private sectors such as radio-television talk show hosts.

Not to be disrespectful, but if you can’t do this little, but worthy effort to help allow us chattel slave descendants and Jim Crow survivors get into this fight for the sanctity and security of this “nation of immigrants”, then please don’t ever say again, at least not in my hearing, “Where are the blacks? This illegal immigration is mostly about and effects them?” To do so, would be hypocritical at best.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. GOD willing and hopefully, we will begin to working together.

All the best to you and yours,

Ted Hayes


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