Welcome: But “Don’t Pull The Trigger”…at least not yet!

Comprehensive Immigration (“illegal”) Reform is like putting a gun to the head of American, Black US citizens, and pulling the trigger. Therefore, for the sake of the Union and the 740,000, young, innocent, white boys and men, plus 38,000 blacks of such,
whom gave their lives in the US civil war over the matter of black lives held in chattel slavery…

don’t pull the trigger of comprehensive (“illegal”) immigration reform…

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Not until…Congress has conducted, opened, balanced, thorugh, bi-partisan, hearings and investigations to determine the astronomical impact of comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), past-present-future, positive or negative upon the American black, US citizens, so called African-Americans, Negroes, Colored Peoples, etc., i.e.,
descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

The humble and simple plea in this brief video that Congress & the President must view entitled,

“Don’t Pull The Trigger Until…”

See and download Moratorium Proposition flyer for dissemination
[see Media-Press-Public Talking Points]

The Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) was birthed on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, Monday afternoon, July 15th at the March For Jobs and Stopping Comprehensive Immigration Reform March & Rally conducted by Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA)  See Mission Statement and Disclaimer Clause

If you would like to establish a CHNC Chapter Command in your city, town, village, community, please visit Recruitment
Or simple send your request to Info@TheCHNC.us and we will begin the process.

Greetings All American US Citizens, our Friends and supporters, as well as those whom think that they are our enemies, Welcome.  Indeed welcome, as the CHNC is not against anyone but rather it is seeking mutual justice for all concerned, especially for those Americans upon whose ancestors’ backs this “nation of immigrants” was/is built, via 225 years of the chattel slavery institution and Jim Crowism, which is, racially discriminating legislation-laws.

Initial Note: Direct link to What The Moratorium Proposition Is
This nuance organization and movement with is clarion message of Healing the nation-destroying, chattel slavery-Jim Crow-race “wound” that has consistently plagued this “nation of immigrants” from its birth of July 2-4,1776, even experiencing a Civil War more bloody than all of America’s other military conflicts combined, which says a lot for this cause we espouse.

The United States of America is dubbed the “Melting pot” of the world, even as a “nation of immigrants”.
However, such recognizing is an insensitive, but ignorant untruth as it neglects the Americans who were brought to America against their wills as slaves-morphed into chattel of men; and having not yet experienced the US citizenship “as is enjoyed by “White citizens”, i.e. willing immigrants, regardless of race or color, etc.

“For Blacks Only”
All ethno-racial groups in America of immigrant heritage, legal and/or undocumented whom are a part of the invasion-occupation of this blessed nation are disqualified in determining who has standing to be in the jurisdiction of the United States. See STANDING

This venture is not about American Black US citizens AND-Hispanic/Latinos, nor so called peoples of color, minorities/majorities, or any such alliance, coalitions, etc, but rather the descendant of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

Actually, this matter is not about “Blacks”, but rather any set of human beings, regardless race, ethnicity, religion, etc., who have experienced being brought against their wills in chains on wooden slave ships into the generations-destroying, British/American, peculiar institution of 225 years of chattel slavery, followed by 99 years of Black Codes and legislated racial discrimination, capped with 48 years of failed, government, social policies and programs.

As previously stated in other places, all other ethno-racial groups in the United States came to America, metaphorically on the “Mayflower” as willing immigrants seeking a Dream future of success or failure for their own descendant generations.

Whereas, the the ancestors of American Black US citizens, are not willing immigrants, but rather were brought to America as slaves, metaphorically speaking on the “Good Ship Jesus”, and kept in the generations-destroying institutions of chattel slavery by immigrants themselves.

Therefore, “now is time” and “the fierce urgency of now…” for the peoples of this “nation of immigrants” finally and properly address the people upon whose backs this land of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (property), etc, is built.

Given the dire state and fate of American Black US citizens, it is incumbent and imperative that all other American immigrants take serious concern for them and not mix their plight with those of the immigrant heritages peoples.

Frankly, it is disrespectful, insensitive, immoral, as well illegal for immigrant groups, that is those who came on the “Mayflower” to dare expect to equate their American Dream experience with that of the descendants of chattel slaves, who were brought to the American against their will as slaves shacked and chained in the hulls of slave ships, such as the “Good Ship Jesus”.

Abraham Lincoln Got It Right
Therefore, invoking the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, who came to realize that the mistreatment of fellow human beings – GOD’s beloved children in a purported “nation of immigrants”, was/is contradictory to the blood soaked, Declaration of Independence which has HIM as the Central Figure. See GOD In The Declaration

It was only after the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation which allowed American Black Freemen and escaped chattel slaves to put on a Union Army uniform, bear weapons to fight fellow Americans of the Southern Confederate military forces who happen to be White-Caucasian. See Emancipation Proclamation 

It was only when Mr. Lincoln and the Union leaders understood the displeasure of GOD with the New Nation concerning chattel slavery and its generational aftermath that they issued the Emancipation, thereby making the conflict to one over freedom and liberty for all human beings in America, that The LORD turned it to favor them instead of the slave holding Confederacy.

Stand With Your Sword of Constitutional Law Behind US
As Americans of willing immigration heritage (legal or undocumented) and not that of chattel slavery, Jim Crow era etc, it is asked of you to stand in support behind those of us who are of that legacy.  Allow us to be your Shield against racist attacks.

The invader-occupiers, of our “nation of immigrants” built upon the back of chattel slaves, et al, claiming racial and minority-majority status, have consistently “pimped” the proverbial “race-card” against the guilt-complex ridden, dominant race of Americans, i.e., White-Caucasians of British, Anglo-English, European heritage, known in the US Constitution as “White citizens”.  Section 1, 1866 Civil Rights Act

It is this strategy executed upon American “White citizens” that has been the primary “weapon” of foreign and domestic enemies of the United States to gain the ground they now posses.  See Definition of White Citizens

However, as admonished on Capitol Hill, July 15th,2013, all Patriot, US citizens of immigrant heritage and their friends who love our country, please stand behind the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.   They are your shield.

STANDING behind the only non-willing immigrants against those who would pervert immigration laws seeking to destroy our Constitutional order will no longer be able to penetrate and breach the walls of our “castle”.

Rather, it will be by the bulwarks of America’s Black Shield US citizens that will stop the advancement of the invasions and the dislodging of the occupation (even the generations from the Reagan 1986 Amnesty to present day birthright citizens), because not being of willing immigrant heritage, but indeed that of slave and chattel slavery of such, only they posses the moral authority to execute the will of the US Constitution against it, not have a guilt-ridden complex.

As the front-line shield of defense, the chattel slave-Jim Crow survivors will provide “withering-fire” coverage that will empower American citizens to wield with impunity the “sword” of Constitutional Law to salvage the United States of America.

Therefore, if you are of immigrant heritage, you can participate by learning and spreading this action abroad, thereby getting other patriot Americans joined the Capitol Hill National Caucus.

Champion The Cause of Blacks (Chattel Slave Descendants)
And remember, when confronting a supporter of the invasion or even an invader, do not defend yourself by stating how their criminal behavior hurts all American “White citizens”, et al, but rather laser focus to tell them they are destroying and murdering the descendants of chattel slaves who happen to be Blacks of African decent, indeed American Black US citizens.

Take the role of the “Good Samaritan”, who is coming to the rescue of a stranger or person of another race, et al; and that of, “greater love has no one but this, that a person lay down their life for a friend” as stated by Lord Jesus; then remind them of the US Civil War to free the chattel slaves, in which for the first time in world history a race of people went to war with itself for the sake of another’s liberation and freedom.

Only One War For All Human Equality: The One Which The Anglo-English speaking, European Heritage Americans – US Civil War
All other revolutions or wars of liberation have been self oriented, wheres the one in the United States was/is literally laying down ones life for the sake of another.

At this point, remind them that it was the Spaniards -progenitors of the so called Hispanics of late US President, Richard M. Nixon, Republican, participated with the Portuguese who were the first to take slaves from Africa allowed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Tell them that , in fact, 94% of the Transatlantic Slave Trade went into the Caribbean, Latin American, i.e., Mexico, Central or Meso-America and South America, whereas only a mere 6% were sent into continental North America whereby British-Anglo English-speaking Americans of European, immigration heritage fought against themselves to clarify this matter of chattel slavery and its generational aftermath.

You are taking the heroic effort on behalf of others, in that while you do suffer from the invasion occupation, the descendants of chattel slaves, et al, have been struggling for their US constitutional lives existence in a land built upon their ancestors backs, whereas, the invaders seek a lifestyle improvement, even at the expense of destroying others whom are the base of their existence in the United States.

When speaking on their behalf, refrain from the term African-American for obvious reasons, but also minimize racial characteristics (skin color), such as Black or Negro (Spanish for black), et al, rather utilize the word that describes an experience that immigrants (legal or undocumented) that fits only one set of America US citizens, i.e. the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.
Interlock that terminology into your offensive vocabulary, as their is no defense against it.

Unlike, American “White citizens”, those who would use the race “weapon” against you, can’t effectively do so to the chattel slave – Jim Crow survivors without running the risk of appearing racist themselves.  See America’s Black Shield

Therefore, please get behind the Shield and make the comprehensive immigration reform issue one about the fate and state of the only non-willing immigrants, even as they became the cause of the Civil War 150 years ago.

Nobody in the world can be against that. In fact, by the Courts of GOD, we intend to alert the world of this worsening human plight in the United States of America.

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