“A Nation of Homeless”


Immigrants willing left, abandoned the homelands of their beloved fathers because they were “s—t holes”, became homeless, and traveled to America, invaded, occupied with murder-genocide of the Indigenous Nations, stole from or tricked its Peoples out of their lands

Then the immigrants of America, in collusion with first the Portuguese, followed by the Spaniards, with Christian Roman Catholic Papal blessings, as well as the Europeans, including the Protestant English, even Jewish merchants, all went to the shores of West Africa and purchased black slaves from the ancient, African and Muslim slave trades;

The as living cargo, brought them on hellish, wooden slave ships, AGAIST THEIR WILLS, of all West and Central African ethnicities, shackled together in chains into British-USA;

Subsequently sold my ancestors to their fellow Americans of WILLING immigration heritage occupying Indigenous lands and forced the black African slaves to serve them as living human property for 245 years (over 40 years – 51/2 generations). 

Then after being freed from chattel slavery, the immigrants came into the United States by the tens’ of millions, taking gainful employment from the black citizens, liberated chattel slaves, et al, with many of them supporting the Jim Crow laws against black citizens, and joined with the KKK to destroy us for generations to come…even as is witnessed today. 

Not once has the American, immigrant peoples ever joined together to understand and appreciate our value to this nation of “………” built upon the backs of chattel slaves. 

Of course, many other did, as noted by the reality that 740,000 young, innocent such immigrant boys and men, along with some chattel slave of the same, lost their lives the Civil War over and for our ancestors and us today.  Overall, the general sensitivity continues!

Oh no!!!! So please, when discussing what happened to the Indigenous Peoples at the hands of the immigrants, don’t include us in the immigrant part, as that is not true.  Thanks.

Black citizens are not that of the willing immigrants’ heritage, but rather that of willing, forced, chattel slavery.

You know one of the most insensitive, derogatory, and erroneously terms that is commonly made in this country, from the President to the average person, is that “America-USA is a nation of immigrants”, or such is “a nation of immigration”, or “America-USA is built by immigrants”. 

If such is true, then who are blacks of African slave trade and chattel slavery heritage descent?  To say that is similar to a white supremacist, viciously calling a black citizen the so-called “N-word”. 

In fact, it is worse, because while one does recognize the black citizen’s existence, even as a “N-word” (in viciousness); the other is essentially saying that black citizens of chattel slavery, et al heritage do not existence. 

Hmmmmm! Is this why black citizens in the USA, being only a mere 12% of the national population lead all other ethnic groups in nearly every negative social statistic, in this so called “land of immigrants”?

Naw!!! The correct terminology should be either, “A nation of immigrants built by immigrants on the back of chattel slaves” or “A nation of immigration and chattel slavery”…

now let me perhaps add, “…on the land taken and stolen from Americans of indigenous heritage”.  Right now, it seems to be “a nation of immigrants built by immigrants for immigrants”.

Or, “A nation of the Indigenous, Immigrants and Chattel Slaves, et al”

Or, “A nation of homeless” 

While not being a nation of immigrants, as is not the Indigenous, nor black citizens, America is rather one of “the homeless” in that, the European immigrants left their home to be homeless, and making the Indigenous homeless within their own home, and the African slaves were exiled out theirs to be homeless in a land in which the Indigenous of such were made homeless…by European homeless persons.

So, everybody, “America is nation of the homeless.”  “Send these…the homeless…the tempest tossed to me” 

Oh! One more thing! The “proud” Buffalo Soldiers, of which I am a descent of, participated in the genocide of and land grabbing from the Indigenous Peoples…a matter that we black citizens must of necessity discuss and rectify with them ASAP, if we expect GOD to actually bless us out of our woes.

If anyone disputes my mere lay persons’ understanding of these of these matters, and care to discuss them, or if you do senses of sense of what is being said, I am more than glad to have the civil, non name-calling, prejudicial conversation with you, either by phone, Face Book stream or even in person.  Please, let’s T.E.D Talk (Teach-Educate-Deliver).

Seeking GOD’s blessings to all.  Agape-Shalom, Tikkun Olam!


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