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Greetings Talk Show Hosts, and Shalom~
Good tidings! The Moratorium Proposition (MP), which is being presented to the US Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court by the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC), is a growing initiative with a plan and strategy that will immediately change the narrative of the whole immigration debate in this “nation of immigrants” into one that favors us Patriots.

This national narrative change occurs because the focus of the MP transcends all political, religious, ethnic, racial, and class affiliations ranging from far left liberal, to far right conservative, Democrat to Republican. Which is precisely what our “house divided against itself,” needs. A unifying factor!

Actually more significant than its transcendent nature, is the fact that this timely and warranted Proposition is neither anti, nor pro, comprehensive immigration reform (CIR)-amnesties, therefore it is benign…non-threatening to any parties concerned.

The MP is simply Congressional, Presidential, if need be, Supreme Court hearings as well as ultimate *oversight, and investigations to determine the astronomical impact (as it will be), whether positive of negative, past, present and future of CIR-amnesties, etc, upon American, black, 14th Amendment, US citizens, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, erroneously dubbed, African-American!

“oversight” – Section X of the Act says, “And be it further enacted, That upon all questions of law arising in any cause under the provisions of this act a final appeal may be taken to the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Outcome
Should full and thorough investigations reveal that *CIR-amnesties would advance the Constitutional mandate of *Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, then by all means, legislate it ASAP.

However, should the opposite occur, which will ethno-racially cleanse the intended Subjects of the Act from American society, thereby replacing them with foreign elements resulting in the failure of the American Dream Experiment, then by all means, We the People under the authority of GOD, the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, must stop it.

• “CIR-amnesties” could severely interrupt this ongoing American Dream process of the Act, which if successful will result in first in the technical destruction of the United States, soon followed by the literal death, even with name change.

• “Section 1” of the Act mandates that the freed chattel slaves and their descendant children as well as Freemen, with the backup of the US military, are to experience 14th Amendment, “equal justice-protections under the law”, US citizens “as is enjoyed by white citizens” i.e., Americans of willing immigration, legal and illegal, even according to the edicts of the Declaration of Independence.

As We the People US citizens, whom are collectively manifested in the governmental entities of Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court, don’t know for sure, the astronomical effects of CIR-amnesties on the chattel slave et all descendants, wouldn’t it be legally, morally and spiritually correct, as well as prudent for the sake of this “nation of immigrants”, to immediate implement the Moratorium Proposition that it may be known before make any further rash decisions on the matter?

The Teflon Armor Suited POTUS
It appears that though the assertions and allegations put forth by loyal, Patriot activists’, whether politicians or radio talk show hosts are nearly 100% correct against the POTUS’s attack upon the *Constitution, and his poll numbers rating are worse than ever, he yet remains firmly in place with the solemn commitment to continue his racially based antics.

  • “Constitution” – instead of defending it as ordered by Congress and sworn before GOD by him, on so many matters of state, especially illegal immigration, etc.

Clearly, the POTUS’s “brown skin-black, Teflon, armor suit” repels all harsh and truthful criticisms, as well as generates *fears in the proper authorities to impeach him or take other necessary, legitimate measures to stop his *masters’ madness.

  •  “fear” – Ironically, being “fatally” plagued by the inherited from the British Empires’ white-guilt complexes, the authorities, whom primarily are Anglo-Euro-English speaking Americans of immigrant decent, fear that too “harsh” of treatment of the so called, “first African-American, black, US President” would further madden, the already hapless black US citizens. The MP eliminates this unnecessary fear and does more.
  • “masters” – Without serious question, , deriving his status completely by clandestine interest and thereby being owned and controlled by them, unlike previous US Presidents, this POTUS is personally powerless…he makes no decision.  He is simply the “front man”.

We The People, GOD and “Goliath”
Like “little” David of ancient Israel, who pleaded with the government leader to indulge him the opportunity to shut the “big mouth” of the braggart giant Goliath…whom he slew by the power of the LORD with a simple weapon made of leather and stone, the CHNC is presenting to all parties in ruling and influence-leading positions such as radio-TV talks show hosts, a simple plan and strategy to stop POTUS, et al,

In fact, according to Section 2 of the Act, if necessary, due specifically to the crime of violating Section 1, the POTUS is imminently arrestable by the US military, provided that there is sufficient numbers of We the People demanding such, unexpected, and unprecedented, but quite possible action.  See the series, “The POTUS Is Arrestable”.

Good tidings!  With nationwide cooperation from most of the Patriot groups and individuals, making the arrest on the POTUS can be done within a matter of months.

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Also, search Yahoo and You Tube for “Ted Hayes and Illegal Immigration”

The CHNC is asking that you simply respect our role as American, black, US citizens, and embrace our strategy, or at least try it. 

We request that you begin discussing immigration option on air, and even share it with your colleagues in the business that there may be nationwide cognizance of the Moratorium Proposition.

We surmise that by the time the POTUS makes his big amnesty move he will be faced with tsunami-like of resistance causing him to stop, retreat, flee. and never return.

We look forward to your response and working with you on this most warranted project.
You may reach me at 424-248-4219 The CHNC website is

Thanks and all the best to you and yours,

Ted Hayes
Co-Coordinator CHNC
Civil Rights & Homeless Activist
Aspiring USA Patriot

Agape-Shalom~L’Shana Tova

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