Presently living and waiting-to-be used is Congressional legislation in the form Resolutions from both Houses that supports propositions such as Moratorium.  All we have to do is utilize it!

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                                      See Apology Resolution:Commentary

The Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) is grateful to GOD, who is the LORD of this “nation of immigrants and chattel slaves”, for the insight, wisdom and courage of The Hon. Congressman, Steve Cohen of Kentucky, who initiated and authored these great and historical documents for this time in which we find ourselves embroiled in the issues of racialism and immigration (legal and undocumented), particularly as it relates to the descendants of chattel slaves, Jim Crow survivors and their descendant children.

Apparently, Mr. Cohen realizes the severity of the moral predicament in which this “nation of immigrants” now finds itself, especially as there is a growing international view of chattel slavery and Jim Crowism in the foundational fabric of the “boastful”, but hypocritical United States.

Therefore, among other matters, it is imperative that the objectives of those official documents are met with as much quickness as reasonably possible, lest the unresolved matters of the Civil War will come to full eruption and the Union charged to We the People will finally and suddenly end, perishing from the earth.

However, we have been given the perfect legislative and moral tool that anyone can ask for at this time.

There is live, active, waiting-to-be-used legislation of the US federal government that ardently supports the Proposition of Moratorium in the forms of two Congressional Resolutions, accompanied by the statements of two US Presidents, they being the Hon. William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton and the Hon. George W. Bush.

The Moral Commitment
While not a legal, binding document, the Apology Resolution holds the fate of the nation in its grip, as implementation is a demonstration of the moral commitment that does bind this “nation of immigrants” (legal or undocumented) to rectifying a generational-effecting, injustice inherited from the British Empire.

Being the primary, unfinished business of the Declaration of Independence, the aftermath of chattel slavery and legislated racial discrimination – Jim Crow, is ironically, at the center of America’s survival as it was 150 years ago during the US Civil War over this very same, related issue…the treatment of these uniquely, Constitutionally protected peoples, like no other American ethno-racial and class demographic.

The Resolutions are not calling for what some may consider, “impractical Reparations” demands, but rather the official federal government’s apology for the role that this “nation of immigrants” played in the 225 year American-transnational tragedy of the chattel slavery institution, followed by 99 years of Jim Crow racism,

However, the most poignant factor in each of the Resolution points is the devastating aftermath of those two past injustices, which are like two consecutive “tsanamis” growing down the generations to the present and beyond, destroying everything in its way.

Averting this trending disaster would prevent not only trumpeting of the ethno-racial cleansing of the Subjects of the Apology Resolution, but also, that the American Dream, which was an experimental attempt at civility would be over, as the destiny of the United States in locked within that of the descendants of the chattel slaves, and their children

NOTE: “…for many of our white brothers… have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.” MLK Aug.28,2013

Therefore, it is imperative that their admonitions are immediately heeded.

After reading and pondering them, apply your new knowledge to the Proposition of Moratorium, and you too will understand the simplicity of its logic.  See Moratorium

What better way is there to meaningfully initiate action by the federal government not seen in America since the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, of September 22,1863, 150 years ago?

See US House of Reps Apology Resolution For Slavery and Jim Crowism – Edited
See US Senate Apology Resolution For Slavery and Jim Crowism – Edited
See Apology Resolution:Commentary

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