Cong. Resolution ENDS The WHITE GUILT Complex

“Illegal immigration hurts US black citizens more than anybody else in this ‘nation of immigrants” POTUS Donald Trump (paraphrased) – True or False?

Ending The Lying Myth White Guilt Complex
“I am tired of apologizing and being white-guilt tripped”

See Apology Resolution Commentary

Given the last 50 plus years of racial antics by certain “usual suspects”, so called African-American Civil Rights leaders and Black militants for unrequited past deeds of chattel slavery and legislated racism, i.e. Jim Crowism; and the steady rhetoric of guilt for the past; it is understandable that certain American, White peoples recoil at the notion of official federal apologies.

What the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) is not the “Reparations of 40 acres and a mule” etc, but rather, Constitutional mandates of the 14th Amendment-866 Civil Rights Act, which is the heart of the Promissory Note, along with the Congressional Resolutions granted to the freed chattels slave, Jim Crow Survivors and their descendant children.

Please see the Hayes perspective on Reparations: VALIDITY?

The Moratorium Proposition based on the Congressional Apology Resolutions is a prescription that will lead to the Healing this “nation of immigrants”, wound of so called White-guilt complex, whereby, the United States becomes post racial and immune to future racist attacks based on the issue that has this “house divided against itself” from it July 2-4,1776 birth.

Pleased visit Bulletin: Moratorium STANDS In Cong. Resolutions
  STANDING: Cong. Resolutions – Part I RESETTING
See Apology Resolution Commentary

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