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“Illegal immigration hurts US black citizens more than anybody else in this ‘nation of immigrants” POTUS Donald Trump (paraphrased) – True or False?

Moratorium Proposition Is Benign, Politically Transcendent
Not Anti Anyone: Not Even Pro Black, But Just Pro America

“Illegal immigration hurts US black citizens more than anybody else in this ‘nation of immigrants” POTUS Donald Trump (paraphrased) – True or False?

The policies, initiatives and strategies to achieve the objectives of the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) is not anti- any race or ethnicity; nor socio-political or religious factions; nor socio-class or even immigration status (legal or undocumented);

but rather pro- salvaging the United States and its American Dream via, the Rescuing of the descendants of chattel slaves, Jim Crow survivors and their descendant children of future generations.

Note: Even though the authors of this website and proposers of the Moratorium Proposition, including Civil Rights & homeless activists, Ted Hayes, do agree with the Presidents assertion that “illegal immigration” hurts black citizens more than everyone else in our “nation of immigrants”, it doesn’t negate the fact that comprehensive, all partisan investigations must be conducted to either affirm or debunk it.

Such was the critical case circa 150 years ago, when then US President, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22,1862 and enacted January 1,1863, which was the very act that caused the GOD of this “nation of immigrants” to turn HIM to favor saving the Union, as HIS Name and Reputation was and now is at stake according to the Declaration of Independence.

Therefore, it is imperative that this exceptional, Judaic-Christian “one nation of immigrants ‘under GOD” THINK before it “pulls the trigger” for CIR as well as any other legislation and/or policy that does not take into consideration its impact upon the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

Given the corpus delicti-“body of evidence” of their fatal conditions, as such, the CHNC exercises the fundamental, Constitutional, First Amendment Rights of free expression in word, thought and deed, which are not to be abridged by any level of government (federal, state, county, municipal), or private individual(s), and/or groups, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliations, social class and immigration status, in order for this “nation of immigrants” to promote, and execute policies that are in the interest of the chattel slave descendants, et al, as well as that of the whole country.

Therefore, as other socio-political entities, the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) reserves the GOD-given, human and civil right as well as duty to also promote policies that favors its interest.

Moratorium Proposition – See Don’t “Pull the trigger”
The CHNC is appealing to this “nation of immigrants”, that before it “pulls the trigger” for CIR, investigative hearing are to be conducted to reveal its impact, whether positive or negative, on American Black US citizens and their descendant children.  

Hence, a moratorium on any and all deliberations, and plans on CIR, as well as certain unlawfully practiced customs of undocumented immigration, such as so called birthright citizenship, which is erroneously based on the 14th Amendment, Section 1. See STANDING And Anchorism

The nature of the Moratorium Proposition of the MLK “Table of Brotherhood”, all factions, even those that are antagonistic towards the others, cause them to transcend competition and grudges to unite in a fashion that would render justice to every party concerned.

Though unprecedented in US history (especially Supreme Court Investigative Hearings), such transcendent action could be the beginning of ensuring “the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.

Such action demonstrates mercy, as well as the wisdom with GOD to not hastily do anything else that could further advance the fatally offended Americans specifically addressed for special “protections under the law” of the US Constitution, according to the 14th Amendment.

Also, given the astronomical effects, positive or negative that further CIR would have upon the chattel slave descendants, et al, Moratorium would be morally imperative and worth the effort for all concerned.

The studious mind can realize the great American Dream mystery contained in the US Constitution, around the practical survival and prosperity of the Americans upon ancestors backs this “nation of immigrants is built”.

Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said 50 years ago, this month of August that,

“…for many of our white brothers…have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.”

Therefore, if the American, Black, US citizens is systematically ethno-racially cleansed from their Constitutional identity and Promissory Note, to be replaced by foreign nationals, et al, and thereby rendered inconsequential, and technically perish, would announce the end of the United States, which turns the American Dream into a failed experiment in freedom…indeed a nightmare.  See Lincoln Gettysburg Admonition

The 14th Amendment, “Equal Protection Under The Law” Clause
This special protections, guaranteed by the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act, is granted to the descendants of the chattel slaves, et al, not as a result of their skin color (racial identity), ethnicity, religion, gender, minority-majority, political views, but rather, the unique experience by which they were brought into America.

The Heritage and Legacy of Immigrant Oppression of African Slaves and Their Descendant Children in the name of the American Dream
Ironically, in the din of discussing immigration reform by this “nation of immigrants”, it was actually Americanized, European immigrants (* including Spanish and English) who operated the Transatlantic Slave Trade out of Africa, and later morphed their African human cargo into chattel in the British America-United States.

Yet, the same peoples of immigrant heritage and legacy (legal or undocumented) are once again tampering with the fate of those upon whose ancestors backs, they stand and seek an American Dream that could prove to be the final blow to the only non-willing immigrants in the country.

Notice: Until now, the issues of immigration, legal or documented, has been the sole domain of White-Caucasian peoples, including Hispanic/Latinos, the self-proclaimed, primary subject of the issue, are also designated as a White-Caucasian, ethnicity according their homeland governments, the US federal, and their own birth certificates.

However, “Now is the time…: and the “fierce urgency of now” to allow the concerns for those who are to be most affected by CIR to be heard and taken into consideration, that is, if “Black Lives Matter”.

Just Looking Out For Themselves For A CHANGE of Hope
While the CHNC begrudges no peoples or individual, et al, it does appeal for the lives of American Black US citizens by simply asking this “nation of immigrants” to first examine the impact that policies and customs of comprehensive immigration reforms-amnesties has had, is having and will have on the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors for generations yet to come.

Surely this Moratorium Proposition isn’t asking too much of a grateful “nation of immigrants, built by immigrants and for immigrants” upon the British-American institution of chattel slavery to not “pull the trigger”.  See Don’t “Pull the trigger”

Who can morally, let alone legally, deny this simple request from the folks who have not been sufficiently heard on this matter, but yet are the most affected by it?

Therefore, American, Black, US citizens duly expect your warm and enthusiastic support, regardless of your immigrant status and heritage.

“Now is the time…and the “fierce urgency of now” for this “nation of immigrants” to rectify itself with GOD concerning the descendant children and their future generations of the chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

Thank you kindly for your patience, understanding and participation, whether a legal immigrant or one that is undocumented.  You are all welcomed!

GOD’s Blessings to you and yours for generations yet to come


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