EXPERIENCE, Not Minority Status

“Illegal immigration hurts US black citizens more than anybody else in this ‘nation of immigrants” POTUS Donald Trump (paraphrased) – True or False?

Qualification For The Moral and Emotional High Ground Is EXPERIENCE, Not Race, Skin Color (characteristics), Ethnicity, Religion, or Minority/Majority Status

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Immigrants (legal or undocumented) have no moral nor emotional authority to command the power of the US Constitutions’ 14 Amendment – 1866 Civil Rights Act, that is a matter reserved by the Courts of Heaven for the Americans of chattel slavery and Jim Crow heritage.

  • By holding the moral and emotional high ground, these peculiar Americans can demand enforcement of the law without the feelings of guilt, because they are the only non-willing immigrants in the land.

The designation of “minority” has had adverse effects upon the national security of the United States, in that Americans and others of immigrant heritage who originate from nations in which they are generally the majority, have seized upon the Civil Rights benefits not belonging to them.

It is obvious that these minorities presume that they are entitled to the same benefits and protections afforded by the US Constitution to the descendants of chattel slaves, Freemen, et al, base on their minority (numerical) status, as opposed to that of the dominant, White-Caucasian, Anglo-Euro-English speaking immigrant Americans.

However, according to the doctrine of the 14th Amendment and its Progenitor, the 1866 Civil Rights Act, there are only two such minorities in within the borders and jurisdiction of the United States that has special entitled access to the Constitution, they being the Indigenous Peoples (Indians) and the Chattel Slave – Freemen.

The abuse to the minority status over the chattel slave descendants et al, is so bad, in that the Hispanic/Latino, La Raza movements expects extra benefits from the US Governments (federal, state, county, municipal), and American society in general, because  they are the largest minority.

When in fact, the chattel slave – Jim Crowed Americans are neither a minority or majority, but rather a people with the most unique experience of entering America, not as willing immigrants but rather the living, human property of such, which is why they, like no other ethno-racial group, have three consecutive Amendments that addresses their state and fate being pivotal to the existence of this “nation of immigrants”.

Therefore, in addressing all aspects of civilian foreign nationals illegally entering and occupying the United States without proper permission from the proper federal authorities, the plight of minorities must not be mixed with that of the chattel slave – Jim Crow Americans, lest the moral and emotional cause be compromised.

In order to save the Union of the minorities of the several United States, it is imperative that the Constitutional plight of the chattel slave descendants and Jim Crow survivors be the sole agenda of the Moratorium process.

While the progenitor and “Rosetta Stone” of the 14th Amendment by which it is codified into the US Constitution does physically and socially identify the intended subject beneficiaries of the Rights Promises mandated to them, was not based on such, but rather the unique way in which they were brought America as well as their subsequent experience as chattel slaves.

Accept for the Indigenous Peoples (Indians) of the land, there are two stocks of Americans, one being of willing immigrant heritage and the other that of slavery morphed into peculiar institution of 225 years of chattel.

Metaphorically, the willing immigrants Americans arrived in freedom to these shores of the “golden door” via the “Mayflower”, whereas the chattel slaves were brought here against their wills by the “Jesus of Lubeck” a.k.a. the “Good Ship Jesus”, chained and shackled in its filthy wooden hull, to be held in chattel captivity by immigrants in America pre & post 1776.

  • The “Good Ship Jesus” was the first slave cargo ship of the British Empire

The Myth of Minority Status In America
Due to a severe lack of knowledge and understanding of the original, but unfinished, intended business with the generations of descendant chattel slaves, Freemen et al according to the mandates of the 14th Amendment, race (skin color-racial characteristics, ethnicity), minority-majority status has replaced its official qualifying requirements.

Erroneously, immigrants, wealthy White women, peoples of preferred sexual orientation, and religion are claiming Civil Rights benefits and protections based on the existence and experience of the chattel slave heritage Americans.

There is an unjust assumption to expect Americans of the chattel slave and Jim Crow experience to compete with those of willing immigrant heritage, apparently thinking somehow that they both arrived on the Mayflower.

This myth must be eliminated if America is to truly find its identity and purpose.

Two Facts of the Matter
1. Willing immigrants are not minorities to the degree that they deserve a “seat” at the table with the chattel slave, Freemen descendants and Jim Crow survivors, because in their native lands, they are generally the majority.  Though a “minority”, immigrants experience the “Mayflower” to America, not the “Good Ship Jesus” for whom the 14th Amendment – 1866 Civil Rights is specifically designated.

  • Regardless of hardships, the immigrant-minority experience is not, must not, to be equated with those of the chattel slaves, et al.
  • This equation is the height civil-socio and spiritual immorality, which could bring the displeasure of GOD upon violators of this truth. “Offense must come into the world, but woe to him by whom they come.” Jesus Christ
  1. Since the end of chattel slavery in the United States, immigrants as “minorities” have consistently replaced the freed slaves in their descendant generations as the recipients of the 14th Amendment protections and policies of advancement.
  • In fact, since that time, the descendants of the forced Americans have led all other ethno-racial group in nearly every negative social statistic in the country.

It is imperative to hold as the guiding light in this matter of Moratorium, that the Civil Rights benefits, heritage, legacy afforded to the descendants of chattel slaves and Freeman was/is not due to the race, skin color, ethnicity, nor minority-majority status, but rather the EXPERIENCE by which they were brought into and held in America against their wills.

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