General “Illegal Immigration”

“Illegal immigration hurts US black citizens more than anybody else in this ‘nation of immigrants” POTUS Donald Trump (paraphrased) – True or False?

In the matters of illegal immigration’s impact on “blacks”, of all the brilliant and justly acclaimed, so called African-America, black, negro, colored, et al, Republican, conservative, Tea Party individuals, male and female, I am the most knowledgeable, experienced, and the only that is purporting to having resolutions to it.

This profession is designed to challenge to either submit more improved alternatives to what I am presenting or join with us. Either way, it causes responses…movement.

Since my involvement in the autumn of 2004, I and my fellows have led an ongoing battle against “illegal immigration” via the Crispus Attucks Brigade; Choose Black America, a subsidiary of FAIR; America’s Black Shield; and now, The Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC).

These ad hoc, NGO’s, volunteer-based group of patriots, led more Civil Rights marches against “illegal immigration” than any other in the US, including three two in downtown Los Angeles, and two in Hollywood, California, as well as numerous street demonstrations, protests and even acts of civil disobedience, including lobbying the Congress with our ideals; in July 2013, we successfully organized 81 “blacks” and one token “white” on a buss journey to Washington, DC to march against it, sponsored by the Black Leadership Alliance (BALA).

You Tube and Google, “Ted Hayes and Illegal Immigration”

For better understanding of the “Ted Hayes” character its philosophies, particularly in the realms of immigration issues, please know the following:

1. What is deceivingly dubbed, “illegal immigration”, is in actuality, a stealth invasion-occupation of a sovereign state, and is therefore a matter of historical and universal, international law, violations.

2. The invasion-occupation of the USA is not militaristic, but rather one of civilian, foreign nationals, with citizenship status in and loyalties to their home countries.

3. While *invader-occupiers hail from many and divergent nations, the vast majority of are a conglomeration of many and divergent, Hispanic/Latino-nationals primarily from Mexico, Central and South America.

• “invaders” – Illegal aliens, is the official federal governments’ term for foreign nationals within US borders and territories without official permission from the proper authorities according the international and domestic laws of immigration and customs.

4. The La Raza and socialist entities driving the invasion-occupation has craftily, and so far successfully, made it a matter of US Civil Rights and racial prejudices.

• Shamelessly, international border crime is equated with the moral and just causes of the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, hence due to an apparent, US citizens identity crisis and subsequent insecurity, “race-card” or pigmentation politics has been used a the “weapon” of attack.

5. Finally, Burning the “race-card”
Though longer, the term for the only US citizens of non-willing immigration heritages, the erroneous, “African-Americans”, even black, negro, colored peoples, et al, is rejected by the CHNC, as such terminologies stirs racial, emotional apprehensions and promotes divisive pigmentation politics;

• instead, the terms, descendants of chattel slaves-Jim Crow survivors is preferred as it is primarily based on the experience of a unique American people, not race – skin color (racial features and characteristics), nor minority-majority status, thus eliminating the ability to use the “race-card” defense or offense.

See, explains in details.

When it comes to the subject of the frequent reference to GOD is not base on any righteousness on my part, but rather I base it on the fact, HE is the Central Figure of the first law or legislation of the United States, the Declaration of Independence.

Therefore, it is imperative that We the People of this Judaic-Christian, “one nation under GOD” submit ourselves to HIS ideals of the American Dream, by embracing and implementing the Lincoln Factor. See Lincoln Factor

Finally, please see these two short video clips:

1. “Don’t Pull The Trigger, Until…” is my plea for the Moratorium Proposition. It is my intent to somehow permeates Congress and White House with it.

2. “We Are Americans” is my personal call to US citizens to aspire to American Patriotism

Thank you kindly for your continued interest in my views to salvage our nation.

All the best to you and yours


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