If You Could, Would You Join?

“Black Lives Matter” – “Black Life Must Breathe Free, Too”

If you could, would you join an endeavor whereby you will play a significant part  (regardless of size, or quantity) of a uniting, focused, and feasible objective, that morally demands respect from all factions within the United States (despite race, ethnicity, religion, political persuasion, rich to poor, including those which are mutually antagonist toward each other), thereby a non-threatening meassure, but rather benign in its justifiable quest, yet simultaneously, accomplishing the following:

• Bring sensible and simple understanding, immediately cease the illegal immigration invasion-occupation – amnesties of the United States;

• turn back the Muslim/Islamic fascism I incursion of this “nation of immigrants

• arrest, *not impeach, this particular POTUS (shielded behind skin color, etc);

• reverse all Executive Orders of the POTUS, especially on illegal immigration;

• move Americans into an atmosphere/attitude/spirit(-ual) environment whereby the Creator and Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence can possibly Heal our land…would you participate in a such an effort?

• All of the above actions are done well within the confines of local, national international laws.

…would you join such an endeavor and actively participate in it?

Disclaimer: Whenever deemed applicable, the CHNC reserves the right of any individuals, groups within the Chapter Commands, to practice actions of civil disobedience, even in accordance with the examples presented by the late, Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this “nation of immigrants and chattels slaves” greatest, civilian, US citizen, typically known for such behavior. 

However, physical violence upon fellow human beings, destruction of private or government property, racial, racist, ethnic epitaphs are tolerated.  While occupation of public property is advocated in civil disobedience actions, that which is private is exempted. 

Cordial and respectful cooperation with law enforcement officials of all ranks is imperative, even in cases of civil disobedience.

The Moratorium Proposition
So, would you join with such an endeavor? If yes, please follow the these directions as it takes only three individuals to qualify as a Chapter Command.  Of course, CHNC would appreciate larger numbers of participants in each CC.

Well, here is your opportunity to do so in regards to sensitive matters pertaining to tense ethno-racial interactions, political and religious intolerance; economic and class/social quarrels, etc., Join “get on and in line” with the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC), and build a Chapter Command (CC) in your city, county, state and region,.

By taking a few, little (as in a lot), but excitingly significant procedures outlined in the Talking Points and The Narrative of Talking Points, you can indeed make a significant contribution to an epic endeavor that will change the national narrative on race, ethnicity, civil rights and immigration.

If no! Then, why not? Would you please explain in the comment box below? Thanks kindly!

Thank you for joining our service to this “nation of immigrants and chattels slaves” – that is “a house divided against itself” of “sons of former slaves and sons of former slave holders”, and be “seated” at the MLK, Jr., “Table of Brotherhood”.

See  Five Talking Points

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