In Defense Of and Offense For The United States

Defending The Sovereignty, Dignity of The United States of America and Its Citizens Thereof and Our Legitimate Guests and Allies

Please see the limited sentiments of Ted Hayes which he expressed at the historic, unprecedented DC March For Jobs and Stopping Comprehensive Immigration Reform
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Essentially, the concept of America’s Black Shield is that of developing a powerful force of spiritual and moral rectitude by which the “sword” of Constitutional Law can be wielded with impunity, lacking guilt, against the non-military invasion and occupation of this nation by foreign national civilians, as well as any other movements designed to destroy the United States by twisting and corrupting the authority of the Civil Rights legislation of 1866.

Willing-Immigrants vs Unwilling-Immigrants, I.e., Chattel Slaves, et al
Until now, the advocacy around the issues of immigration (legal and illegal) has been conducted by White peoples, including Hispanic/Latinos, who also are White-Caucasians, according the constitutions of their home countries and birth certificates, as well as the US federal government.

All the aforementioned are of the willing immigrant heritage, thereby disqualifying them from the moral authority to morally enforce the mandates of the US Constitution when it comes to issues of immigration, one way or another.

Apparently the LORD of this Judaic-Christian, “one nation under GOD”, has reserved such moral authority to those of HIS children who are not of willing immigration heritage but rather that of slaves morphed into chattel slavery.

STANDING: Willing Immigrants or Chattel Slaves
Metaphorically speaking, all Ethno-racial-nationalities demographics of immigrants (legal or undocumented) within the United States (for better or worse, success or failure, willingly came to America (in search of the vaunted and elusive Dream of the founding fathers for the sake of their succeeding generations) aboard the “Mayflower” passenger vessel, whereas, American Black US citizens bound in chains on that of the “Good Ship Jesus”. See STANDING In The 14th Amendment  Also, google “Good Ship Jesus”

As the massive influx of immigrants, primarily from White Europe, has, been the major source of abridging the Constitutional Rights of freed chattel slaves, Freemen, and their respective descendant children since 1865 (the end of the US Civil War), it is imperative that this nation follows the examples and heed the warnings of Abraham Lincoln concerning them being at the head its agenda. See Admonition and Warning and Thomas, Abraham, Harriet, Martin

Americans Are To Unite Behind The Black Shield
Therefore, in the sight of GOD (Who is the most offended in this matter of the peculiar British-American institution of chattel slavery and its generational aftermath), it is imperative that the Americans of such heritage who are not constrained by immigrant guilt, take the front point in repelling the foreign invader-occupier, as they possess the high, spiritual, moral and emotional according to their experience.

As the mythical young Arthur who alone was able to pull the “Sword of Justice” from the rock in which it was embedded to become King of the realm, so it is with this matter of immigration (legal or undocumented), that the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, have the Divine right, morality and therefore, authority to pull the “Sword” of Constitutional Law from its political hold on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, and being guiltless conscious, wield it for the United States with impunity.

Hence, all American US citizens are to stand unitedly behind the protection of the Black Shield that GOD has provided for this nation in persons of the descendants of chattel slaves, et al, for such a time as this.

Without question, American White US citizens have been absolutely correct in their understanding of the US Constitution in attempting to repel the nation’s invaders and enemies (foreign and domestic), but unfortunately don’t possess the full, correct or moral standing to win.

The “Sword” and “Shield”
As an ancient warrior armed with a sword for offensive action and a shield for defensive, White American US citizens are courageously fighting against the invasion and occupation with “sword” which we appreciate, but unfortunately without a “shield” for defense.

Subsequently, while attempting to wield the “sword” of Constitutional law, American White US citizens have been vulnerable to counter attacks of accusations of racism, in that they have don’t have a “shield” of defense, which dangerously decreases their ability to fight aggressively with confidence.  Therefore, we are loosing the war for this New Nation’s salvation.

in the sight of the GOD of this Nation Who is the LORD, US citizen-leaders must now put the chattel slave descendants, et al, on the front lines of this conflict to salvage America, even as Abe Lincoln did during the Civil War by his Presidential, Emancipation Proclamation.

Nullifying the Race-Card “Weapon”
As fellow immigrants who are of White, Anglo European heritage, the invaders have consistently and successfully hid behind the “shield” of Civil Rights based on skin color, and the horrific experience of the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, and thereby have safely hurled accusations of racism at Americans for their stance against so called illegal immigration and “birthright citizenship.”

However, strategically setting the descendants of chattel slaves, et al, on the front lines against the invasion and occupation, the race “weapon” becomes null and void, as the invader-occupiers can’t call the true benefactors of Civil Rights, i.e., the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act racist for simply reclaiming that which is not only lawfully theirs, but spiritually, morally and emotionally as well.

Now, fellow Americans can take defensive refuge behind their Black Shield and can with confidence without any reservation from guilt, wield the “Sword” of Constitutional law against the invaders.

Such is the greatest fear and even terror of the invader-occupiers which is that the true benefactors of the Civil Rights Legacy, heritages and Constitutional laws will finally raise up and claim that which is theirs indeed.

Once the invader-occupiers realize and understand that they can no longer hide from the “Sword” of US Constitutional Law wielded by fellow American US citizens, who happen be White-Caucasian, Anglo, English speaking, European descendants, they will become paralyzed  in shock and unable proceed with their criminal behavior.

Hence, “Game over!”  By the surprise uprising of America’s Black Shield.

Thank you and Agape-Shalom!

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