Interim Organizational Structure

Organizing National Caucus Chapter Command Center (NCCC)
See Los Angeles Command Base-Quarters
and Participant Recruitment

Theme: Reclaiming the National Birthright and Identity of the American Black US Citizens in the United States and the world, which is defined by the 14th Amendment and the 1866 Civil Rights which is its “Rosetta Stone”. 

See the Imperative of Identity of the descendants of the Chattel Slaves and Jim Crow Survivors, so called African-Americans, blacks, Negroes, Colored peoples, etc.

The CHNC Base Hqtrs is searching for individuals to voluntarily serve as commanders in chapter commands throughout this “nation of immigrants“.

  • To establish a Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) Chapter Command in your city, town, village, community, send request to

Organizing Chapter Commands
A CHNC Chapter Command (CC) must consist of at least three individuals, who rank as commanders, which means central coordinator; and two assistants-soldiers whose duties will include recruitment and helping the commander dissiminate information.  Of course, it would be much better to have large numbers in each chapter.

However, given the reality that illegal immigration issues are at the top of the American people’s agenda for the federal government to resolve; and the fact that the Moratorium Proposition (MP) transcends pro & con immigration positions; as well as political and religious persuasion; along with social and class status; race and ethnicity; your recruitment opportunities are significantly increased.

When potential recruits learn that they do not have to deny their positions on immigration, or any other political issues, etc., while simultaneously, participating in a moral cause that is at the center of this “divide house” of immigrants, under GOD, they will gladly become active, participating, CHNC members.

The Moratorium Proposition is indeed such a moral, as well as legal cause by which this grateful “nation of immigrants” can demonstrate their resolve to also save the Union by rescuing the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors from the potential calamity of making an erroneous, nation-destroying decision as it relates to comprehensive illegal immigration reform (CIIR)-amnesties.

Concomitantly, both positions, pro and con illegal immigration can post on the CHNC web sight, as the MP is not partisan, but rather simply demanding that a federal platform be provided that each may present their cases.

1. Political Bodies: Federal, state, county, municipal,
• These chapters commands will organize committees to message their respective government officials as well as the general public, including outreach to institutions of learning (schools – elementary, middle, junior and high, trade, colleges, universities, et al); business and social associations, including religious entities;

2. International Bodies: the United Nations (UN0, Various Human Watch NGO’s and World Courts, etc.
Being a global village, it is imperative that these and more international bodies are drawn into this quest to save the descendants of chattel slaves  from ethno-racial cleansing for the sake of the United States and hence the world, including Israel, et al.

Naturally, as this body politic entity progresses, it will certainly take on a character of its own filling the blank spaces as GOD wills.

National Identity For Descendants of Chattel Slaves and Jim Crow Survivors
Rescue The 14th Amendment, National Birth and Identity Right, and the Title Deed To Their Access of “life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” – Property.

3. Los Angeles Actions

See Los Angeles Command Base-Quarters and Participant Recruitment


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