Mission Statement: Talking Points

“Illegal immigration hurts US black citizens more than anybody else in this ‘nation of immigrants” POTUS Donald Trump (paraphrased) – True or False?

“Black Lives Matter” and “Black Life Must Breathe Free Too”

The Talking Points – Mission Statement
[See Narrative | The Two Distinct American HeritagesCHNC Mission Statement]

1. The Capital Hill National Caucus (CHNC) demands and expects immediate Moratorium on all Congressional deliberations and Presidential Orders on comprehensive illegal immigration reform (CIIR)-amnesties until point 2 of this Proposition document is fully completed;

2. Following Moratorium legislation, both Houses of Congress and the Presidency, with Supreme Court oversight, immediately enact and initiate thorough hearings and investigations to perform the following:

A. to determine impact of legal and illegal immigration (CIR)-amnesties, past, present and future, whether positive or negative on US native,* blacks;

> “blacks” – other than the Indigenous peoples (Indians), blacks are the US citizens whom can also be considered a kind of native-indigenous group as well, in that though they originated in the African continent, and were bought as slaves from African and Muslim merchants, and brought against their wills to British-US America by European and American slave traders to be sold to fellow immigrants since *1619. 

 *1619″ The first group of Africans were brought as slaves to the Jamestown, not by the British, but rather the Dutch, on a Dutch Man of War Slave Ship.  Not according to myth, by Sir John Hawkins and his so called “Jesus of Lubececk, commonly known as “Good Ship Jesus”.

B. according to the findings, craft special 14th Amendment immigration policies, laws and programs that fulfills * Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights * Act.

> “The Act” – 14th Amendment Progenitor and “Rosetta Stone”; the National Birth-Identity Certificate of blacks, and its codifying agent into the US Constitution.

> “Section 1” – Mandates that freed chattel slaves, Freemen, and their descendant children of future generations as long as the US shall exist, are ensured to actually experience, Declaration of Independence, “equal justice-protections under the law” citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” i.e., willing immigrants, legal and illegal.

3. The Moratorium Proposition is benign in that, the measure is neither anti nor pro comprehensive illegal immigration reform (CIR)-amnesties- even that of the POTUS’s Emancipation Proclamation-like amnesty, but is rather inclusive of all political factions, societal classes, and ethno-racial identity, therefore, it is imperative that this is something of which all Americans of immigration heritage, i.e., “white citizens”, should eagerly embrace.

4. If not, why not? What good reason is there from anybody or entity of willing immigration heritage to not implement the Moratorium Proposition?

  • Those who resist are anti-US Constitution, anti-black and racist towards them, and sincerely desires that the descendants of chattel slaves (upon whose ancestors’ and Jim Crow survivors’ backs this “nation of immigrants” was/is built), be thoroughly ethno-racially cleansed from American society, and replaced by foreign nationals, hence, a stealth enocide.

> May GOD, that is, Natures’ GOD, The Creator of all humans equally, Who as Judge of all the world, and is the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, which is this immigrant nation’s First Legal Document or Legislation, have Mercy on whomever and their descendant children, that wishes this horrific, inhumane harm upon the chattel slave descendants.  Such is direct war against The LORD of Host.

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