MORATORIUM: A Fair Chance – “Black Lives Matter” – “Black Life Must Breathe Free, Too”

“Now is the time…and fierce urgency of now” to hear from black Lives

Until now, whether for or against it, the only opinions, viewpoints and advocacy that has been weighed in the “Justice Scales” of the United States on the issue of so called, comprehensive illegal immigration reform (CIR) – amnesties,  have been conducted by Americans of willing-immigration heritages; and of course, civilian foreign nationals who have circumvented and violated international and domestic laws by illegally entering and occupying this “nation of immigrants and chattel involuntary servitude slaves”.

Yet, the black lives that supposedly matters so much, they being the very central cause of this “immigrant nation’s” existence, are not directly heard from, nor even considered in CIR-amnesties deliberations by the peoples of immigration heritage.

Consequently, these black lives that supposedly matters have not had a fair chance in the matter of their destiny in the United States.  Is this fair? Is it just?

Do black lives really matter?  Will black breathe be suffocated by immigrants?  Black life must breathe free, too. 

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddle masses yearning to breathe free,” 
Statue of Liberty – The New Collosus

Nevertheless, should the “hearts” of black lives cease to beat their soulful, rhythmic, melodies that everyone “party’s” to and benefits from; and their “lungs” no longer involuntary inhale and exhale air as granted by GOD, the Creator of all humans equally, it is then subsequently the end of the American Dream experiment of this exceptional, Judaic-Christian, “one nation under GOD” of immigrants.

Therefore, in this, the “11th hour” of CIR deliberations and POTUS’s Emancipation-like, Executive Orders or/and Memos, amnesties, it is the legal-legitimate, moral, imperative for national security sake, before that before their are enacted, their past, present and future impact upon the state and fate of the only Americans of non-willing immigration heritage, but rather that of involuntary servitude -chattel slavery and Jim Crowism, be first considered and determined, hence Moratorium. See “Don’t Pull The Trigger 4 CIR…Until”

20120821-justice-swordEspecially, given the present state of existence and looming fate of doom to the only Americans not of immigrant heritage, but rather one of forced, unwilling immigration into British America (later to become the United States of such) by certain, not all, Jewish and Christian merchants who sold them to be the personal chattel, that is living, human property of American immigrants.

These particular Americans (British-USA) bolstered and excused their transgression of marketing in the bodies and souls of their fellow human beings by claiming their individual, “GOD-given” right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-property”.

As it did not learn the lessons of the US Civil War, which almost ended the Union, this very same “nation of immigrants” (legal and undocumented) is once again poised to further oppress, demify, minimize, and or/and ethno-racially cleanse, even genocide the descendants of the chattel slaves, Freemen, Jim Crow survivors and their descendant children for generations yet to come, and re-enslave those who are left.

WARNING: Should this “nation of immigrants” succeed in this dastardly deed of CIR-amnesties, it would amount to the national suicide of the United States, because it would have failed the Constitutional mandates for its survival which lays in the Rescue of the Americans primarily of the chattel slave, Black Code-Jim Crow era heritage.

See Presidential, Comprehensive, Rescue Plan and The Lincoln Factor

See The Gettysburg Admonition and Warning of Abraham Lincoln

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