Narrative: Media-Press-Public Talking Points

Blacks and Minorities Are Not To Be Equated in the American Dream Struggles
To do so is a heinous crime and morally wrong
[see Talking Point | CHNC Mission Statement]

1. Native blacks are a separate and distinct group from “minorities.”
The terms must not and can not be equated to, with, or used interchangeably.

* To do so would disrespect GOD and betray the 740,000 men and boys who died in the US Civil War due to the sacred cause of ending chattel slavery.
* Use of the term Minorities obscures, mocks and minimizes the unique history of Native Blacks and the problems that it has generated to this present.  See sentences 12 & of the official, Congressional Apology For Slavery and Jim Crow

Whereas on July 8, 2003, during a trip to Goree Island, Senegal, a former slave port, President George W. Bush acknowledged slavery’s continuing legacy in American life and the need to confront that legacy when he stated that slavery `was . . . one of the greatest crimes of history . . .

…The racial bigotry fed by slavery did not end with slavery or with segregation. And many of the issues that still trouble America have roots in the bitter experience of other times. But however long the journey, our destiny is set: liberty and justice for all.’;
13. Whereas President Bill Clinton also acknowledged the deep-seated problems caused by the continuing legacy of racism against African-Americans that began with slavery when he initiated a national dialogue about race;

2. Unlike the experience of “white citizens”, i.e., willing-immigrants, whether success or failure for their descendants, the British-US institution of chattel slavery and subsequent Jim Crow segregation are the two American foundations for the perpetual underclass status of Blacks since April 11, 1865.

Use of the term Minorities obscures, mocks and minimizes the unique history of Native Blacks and the problems that it has generated to this present.
* The contemporary challenges of willing immigrant (legal and illegal), and so called minorities including women (not a minority), nor of sexual orientation, absolutely does not and must not be equated with the generations of slavery, and race discriminating legislation experienced by African, black slaves in America.

3. The CHNC demands that Congress and the Office of the President enact policies and programs that are morally as well as legally, prioritizes the country’s economic resources to first and foremost improve the living conditions, such as homelessness of Native Black, US citizens before improving the conditions of newly arriving immigrants, especially those who come illegally and occupy.

Many native Black Americans, especially in urban areas live in the same conditions that illegal immigrants are trying to escape in their own country by coming to ours – poverty, dilapidated and violent housing conditions, lack of business ownership, jobs, inadequate education, healthcare and welfare.
* The federal government must cease robbing these life saving elements from blacks, and no longer give them to those who merely are seeking lifestyles improvement;
* Any willing-immigrant who continues into this barbaric behavior will come to a shameful result to themselves and their descendant children.

4. The CHNC demands and expects that resources of the USA be used to uplift its own citizens first.
For dangerously too long, Native Blacks have been ignored; and treated as non-existent, even as illegal immigration is presently and cruelly, ethno-racially cleansing and replacing blacks in the USA.

5. Therefore, for this “nation of immigrants” to rush forward with CIR-amnesties, etc., before actually determining its impact upon Blacks, would be the highest disregard to the foundation of chattel slavery that it stands on, and will subsequently destroy the national security of the United States, as it is a slap in the Face of GOD, the Central Figure in Declaration of Independence.


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