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Los Angeles is the Base-quarters of the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) seeks to establish and develop chapters throughout the United States of America with the possibility of gaining international allies in its cause of Moratorium. See Moratorium Please view these links CHNC Mission StatementDisclaimer Clause 

To establish a CHNC Chapter Command in your city, town, village, community, Please see Los Angeles Command Base-Quarters and Interim Organizational Structure  Or simply make your request to

Theme: Reclaiming the National Birthright and Identity of the American Black US citizens 

If the objectives of the CHNC resonates with you, then please establish a chapter in your region, state, county, city or community.

Your assignment is simply the following:

* alert your social media constituents to this effort
* download, copy and distribute the Moratorium Proposition flier

* contact your federal government representatives in both Houses of the US Congress (Senate and Representatives); the Presidency and the US     Supreme Court….Also, you may also follow through with your local governments as well.
Also, alert radio-television and internet talk show host to discuss the matter, as well.

The idea is to saturate all governments and as well as the private sector with the CHNC objective of Moratorium. 

The Issue of immigration (Legal – Undocumented)
While the issues of immigration is the immediate and most visible threat to the existence this “nation of immigrants” is built, it is only a symptom of the failure of We the People to perfect the Union by not finishing the business that the United States has with GOD about HIS Personal concerns over chattel slavery and its generational aftermath.

The sentiment of the CHNC is that ,had We the People (immigrants and chattel slavery-Jim Crow) Americans simply obeyed the admonition of Abraham Lincoln, especially noted in the Gettysburg Address in which he warned that this nation “under GOD” will perish if the “cause” for which primarily 740,000 young, white boys gave their lives; and that of Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. warning of “a rude awakening” if the Promissory Note is not “cashed” – fulfilled according Section 1 of The Act, the security of the Union of the United States would not be so threatened. 
Please see The Gettysburg Warning & Admonition

Contact your federal government representatives at these links:

Please call, email, and fax them the following statement: Letter To Federal Government Representatives

See House of Representatives For Contact Information

See US Senate For Contact Information

See Los Angeles Command Base-Quarters and Interim Organizational Structure

In message box below, please list skills, talents, resources, time, etc., that you may be able to commit.  Thank you for participating with the CHNC

 See The Five Talking Points

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