POTUS Trump LA Visit: Items To Discuss With You

These are the items that we want to discuss with you, they are:

  1. An POTUS Executive Order with the energies of the Marshall Plans, as well as that of McArthur which restored Europe, Japan and South Pacific from the devastation of WWII to end, chronic, hardcore, sidewalk encampment homelessness plaguing Los Angeles its national capital; and that of POTUS Dwight David Eisenhower who based on Section 2, 4, 8 and 9,  of the Act, plus the Emancipation Proclamation, the foundation of such, deployed the US military to enforce public school black/white racial integration, etc.

  2. The Moratorium Proposition is the politically, ethno-racially and religiously benign, temporary cessation of all official discussion on the matters of comprehensive illegal immigration reform (CIIR) such as DACA and Anchorism, etc., until this erroneously purported, “immigration nation” via its federal government conduct a full, open, bipartisan investigation by Congress (both Houses), the Presidency, including the Supreme Court on its astronomical, past, present, future impact solely on black, US citizens.

  3. Based on your beliefs and professions that as a President who seeks to emulate and even do better than Abraham Lincoln, meaning that you will pick-up and complete where he was cut off April 14, 1865, therefore seek to help black citizens, even asserting that “illegal immigration” hurts them/us more than anybody else…we are expecting you to visit with us, Skid Row, downtown Los Angeles, the national capital of homelessness, as well as that of sanctuary cities where the rebellion began within the now such state of California.

  4. Also, as the national capital of US Military Veteran homelessness, we expect you visit the location of the demonstration at Wilshire and San Vicente Blvd., in Brentwood, for saving and utilization of  the 1888, Congressional deeded Veterans Homeland administrated by the Veterans Administration which is illegally parsing out the property to commercial interest.

Obviously, all matters of concern and the information we can share with you, can’t be done here, but rather when welcomed by you, we can discuss them with in detail.


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