Saluting Ms. Leah Durant & The Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA)

It is with great appreciation and thanks to GOD that HE raised up Ms. Leah Durant and the Black American Leadership Alliance to address the issue of the non-militaristic, invasion-occupation of the United States, erroneously dubbed “illegal immigration” from the perspective of American Black US citizens, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.  Please visit

Not since June 23,2007, in South Central Los Angeles when Choose Black America, an arm of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) led the first major Black led Civil Rights demonstration against the invasion, has any entity or individual done so…and during that same season led two such marches in downtown Los Angeles and one in Hollywood California.

Actually, what Ms. Durant and the BALA has thus far accomplished is far greater in scope than what occurred on that fateful day of June 23,2007 in Leimert Park. See this link at

At last, despite our ethno-racial heritages, political and religious affiliations, social-civic status, We the people have finally found a common issue that we can transcend into for the sake of the nation, particularly as it relates to the American Black US citizens who are the most disaffected by the invasion-occupation.

BALA has afforded local groups to a huge push in their efforts to curb and turn back the invasion-occupation, even as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., prophetically proclaim at the 1963 Civil Rights March On Washington, DC that they were to take the spirit of the movement back to their home towns saying, “Go back to Mississippi, go back to Alabama, go back to Georgia, go back to Louisiana, go back to the slums and ghettos of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed.”

Therefore, the Los Angeles contingent thanks and salutes BALA for affording us the opportunity to not only wage this fight against the invasion-occupation nationally, but most significantly locally.

Here is to Ms. Leah Durant and the Black American Leadership Alliance for their leadership.


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