Sample Letter To Federal Officials

Letter to federal officials
[long version]

As an active member of We the People of the United States charged and ordered to “…form a more perfect Union…” etc; and a participant of the Capitol Hill National Caucus expect you to honor the following instructions from us, they are:

  1. Support the CHNC expectation of Congress to hold Moratorium, that is:
    See “Don’t Pull The Trigger 4 CIR…Until”

    • temporarily suspend any and all deliberations on immigration (legal and undocumented) matters;
    • including that of the comprehensive reform, as well as * Anchorism – “presumed citizenship”;
    • until full, complete investigative hearings in both Houses of Congress, the Presidency, and Supreme Court on its impact, positive of negative, upon the descendants of chattel slaves, Freemen, * Refugees, * Jim Crow Survivors and their descendant children, i.e., American Black US Citizens, so called African-American.
  1. See and disseminate among your colleagues, the President and Supreme Court Justices this “11th hour” appeal for Moratorium on comprehensive immigration reform, and this accompanying short video link entitled, “Don’t Pull The Trigger 4 CIR, until…”
  1. Join the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Table of Brotherhood” Capitol Hill Caucus expecting the Speaker of US House of Representatives to comply with the will that is the Constitutionally charged, duty of We the People.

For detailed information on CHNC

All the best to you and thank you for your leadership and compliance,

Your Name, etc.

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