The Clarion Call: Comprehensive Rescue Plan Narrative

The Clarion Call: Narrative

Justification For Policy Shift
There is an overwhelming “corpus delicti” – body of evidence that justifies the policy of Rescue beginning with Constitutionality of the special entitlement, especially noting California.

This is truly forward thinking and hopeful and change for the nation which have global ramifications.

There is a corpus delicti – body of evidence that plainly demonstrates that the horrific state and looming fate of doom to these most unusual American citizens is resultant of 225 years (1640 – 1865) of generations-destroying, chattel slavery (plus the 20 in general servitude 1620-1640), followed 99 years of Black Codes and racially discriminating legislation – Jim Crow (1865 – 1964), and recently 48 years of failed government social programs.

Therefore, for the sake of national salvation, it is imperative that the President leads the Congress, The Supreme Court, with full backing of all US citizens, and avid support of those of immigrant heritage (legitimate or illegal) enact a comprehensive Descendant of the Chattel Slaves reform, due to the reality that what has gone before on these American’s behalf is obviously “broken.”

As the United States is not tossing aside immigration because of its “broken” system, but are yet scrambling to devise a comprehensive (illegal) immigration reform policy, plan and strategy, so then too must such service and more be done for the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves.

A Nation of Immigrants (legal & illegal) Built On Backs of Chattel Slaves
It must forever be memorialized in the minds and inscribed upon the DNA walls of this nation of immigrants for immigrants was constructed upon the backs of chattel slaves and their descendant children down through the generations.

Leaders (public and private) know the fateful state of the chattel slavery descendants.  Yet, because past “broken” government systems addressing the fateful states of the chattel slave descendants, it seems morally justifiable for them to abandon the US Constitutional mandates concerning them.

How ironic, due to a “broken system” the American peoples of immigrant heritage are eagerly willing to toss aside the descendants of chattel slaves for the sake of a comprehensive reform for fellow immigrants, primarily of illegal status.

Therefore, reiterating, if leaders seek to devise a comprehensive reform, primarily for illegal aliens, then by Constitutional mandates, and the will of the Central Figure in the Declaration of Independence, for the sake of this nation of immigrants, such a plan of action be implemented first and foremost.

Furthermore, any (legal or illegal) comprehensive immigration reform must first and foremost be framed within the context of its effects upon the descendant children of the chattel slaves.

Base on the fate and state of the descendants of chattel slaves due to their non-immigrant entry into the United States, a comprehensive plan for them is not reform, but rather rescue  by which it behooves all immigrants to honorably lend their assistance to the effort as priority to their own existence in America.

Now is the optimum time for this exceptional, law biding, Judaic-Christian, “one nation under GOD” country of immigrants, for immigrants built by immigrants on the back of chattel slaves and their descendants, to unite in the original American Dream cause for the sake of their former homelands!

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