The Martin Luther King, Jr. “Table of Brotherhood” Congressional Coalition

A Strategy For Healing
“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at
a table of brotherhood.”
MLK “I Have A Dream” speech August 28,196


     White Republicans and Black Democrats form an unprecedented Congressional Coalition:
What better way to fulfill Dr. Kings’ dream and admonition than a “Table of Brotherhood” Coalition on Capitol, in the Nations Capital where federal laws are made and enacted. What an example to this “nation of immigrants” presently embroiled in it original racial conflict.

     This is an opportunity for the Congress to lead the way in this matter surrounding the existence of American Black US citizens, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

The “Table of Brotherhood”, a bi-partisan, multi-racial-cultural coalition request immediate, Tri-Federal Investigative Hearings including Houses of Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court on the impact (positive or negative) of comprehensive immigration reform-amnesty, * past, present and future on American Black US citizens, i.e., African-Americans, Black-Negro (Spanish for black), Colored People, descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.  Essential a moratorium. 

  • “past” – This includes the late US President Ronald Wilson Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty, officially known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act and the Immigration Reform and Control Act, of 1965, including the “custom” of so called birthright citizenship, erroneously based on the 14th Amendment, Section 1.

All o f the honorable participants in the “Table of Brotherhood” Congressional coalition are of immigrant heritage, except the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, such as Congressman Danny Davis, who is a descendants of chattel slaves and is an actual survivors of Jim Crow. 

This moratorium and hearings procedure is not anti-immigrants, legal or undocumented, nor anyone else, but rather simply to conduct full, thorough, complete investigations by all three federal branches, especially in light of the astronomical ramifications it will bring upon the descendant children of chattel slaves, et al.

The MLK, Jr. “Table of Brotherhood” is affording Washington an opportunity to unite this “nation of immigrants” to commit the morally correct thing in the matter of immigration that it may survive, thrive and be healed of the generations-destroying chattel slavery-Jim Crow-race “wound” that has consistently plagued the United States since its July 2-4,1776 birth.

 The Narrative
Until now, the primary persons discussing – deliberating immigration issues (legal or illegal) have been White-Caucasians, including Hispanic/Latinos, who incidentally according to their homeland constitutions, the US federal government, and their own birth certificates, are also White-Caucasian, even practicing a European culture.

Subsequently, immigration discussions are about White peoples’ rights, as evidenced by the conspicuous exclusion for the concerns of the only non-immigrants in America, i.e., American Black US citizens, who are primarily the descendants of chattel slaves, including Jim Crow Survivors, the so called African-Americans…as though they don’t exist.  Hence, “America, a nation of immigrants!”

As to add insult to injury, the “Gang of 8” managed to pass a Senate bill that totally excluded all concerns for the descendants of the chattel slaves, et al, in this matter of immigration. 

Therefore, “Now is the time…” in this “fierce urgency of now…” for the MLK, Jr. “Table of Brotherhood” coalition to initiate a nuance approach to the immigration issue thereby dissolve the political hard lines that justice may prevail for our country.

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