The Moratorium Proposition and POTUS Trump

In honorable memory and moral high cause of the 740,000 innocent, white boys and men, plus 38,000 blacks of such, who died in the US Civil War over and “to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion…” of freeing the chattel slaves

“Illegal immigration hurts African-Americans (US black citizens) more than anybody else.” Donald J. Trump
(True or False? Let’s Find Out!)
The Moratorium Proposition
A Legal and Moral Proposition in the Matter of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
(drafted by Ted Hayes, 10/20/2017 | revised 03/05/2018)

Please first see very brief video “Don’t Pull The Trigger Until…”
It sets matters in proper order.

On September 17, 2017, Republican President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump directed Congress to address-fix the DACA (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals) matter, as well as comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) bill on his desk to sign into law by March5, 2018…six months which has now come and gone with avail.

During this time of debate between the President and the opposing political parties of Congress, with a silent Supreme Court overseeing, as well as medial pundits, including those whom are black citizen, nobody even considered the impact that DACA, CIIR, etc., has or will have upon the only Americans not of willing immigration heritage, but rather that of unwilling chattel slavery.

In fact, shamefully, during Black History in which debates around DACA and CIIR, etc., totally excluded any consideration of its impact upon black.

Ironically, due to stalemate in Congress on these matters, a moratorium has been forced upon it, with the threat that these items will not be completed before the November mid-term elections, therefore, all the more reasons now for Moratorium Proposition investigation of their astronomic impact upon black citizens.

Based on his assertion that “Illegal immigration hurts African-Americans (US black citizens) more than anybody else”, it behooves Mr. Trump to verify it, hence, the Moratorium Proposition.  Actually, due to the

Therefore, comprehensive illegal immigration reform (CIIR), can’t and mustn’t legally and morally become law until the completion of a public, non-partisan, comprehensive investigation to determine its astronomical effects upon American, US black citizens, i.e., the descendants of chattel slaves-Jim Crow survivors, upon whose backs this “nation of immigrants” was/is built.

According to the little known, therefore under utilized, but highly powerful, 1866 Civil Rights Act (The Act), the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, by which it is codified-enshrined into the US Constitution.

Of the Ten Sections of the Act, three (3) of them are specifically directed to the POTUS, they being 4, 8, and 9, specifically stipulates that as long as this Union republic “shall not perish from the earth”, meaning that every POTUS since its 1866-1868 enactment, is ordered to protect the Section 1 citizenship rights “as is enjoyed by white citizens”, of the Freed and Freemen, refugees, i.e., colored Americans of involuntary servitude heritage and their descendant children, whom are black citizens.

In particular, as the first step to addressing the POTUS on this matter, Section states,

“…whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that offences have been or are likely to be committed against the provisions of this act, it shall be lawful for him, in his discretion…for the purpose of the more speedy arrest and trial of persons charged with a violation of this act;  (based on Section 2) [See attached full text]

Apparently, in the matter CIIR, including such aspects as DACA, Anchorism, border invasion-occupation, sanctuary cities, counties, states rebellions, etc., POTUS Trump does indeed “…have reason to believe…etc.” as he has correctly or incorrectly proclaimed is the center piece on his immigration policy,

“Illegal immigration hurts African-Americans (US black citizens) more than anybody else.”

Noting the continued demise of chattel slave descendants under Democratic Party dominance, and seeking to emulate and/or do better than Abraham Lincoln, the greatest, political hero of black citizens because he emancipated and liberated their ancestors, the subsequent agenda to granting them a super citizenship and the voting authority, Mr. Trump has promised to them/us, “I want to, and therefore, let me help you. What have you got to loose?”

Therefore, as descendants of chattel slaves, et al, over whom the boys and men of the Civil War gave their lives, having everything to loose, i.e., their citizenship, we must immediately consult Mr. Trump on this matter, that he may wield “sword” of the Law with moral impunity.

Please help make this reality.

In fact, according to the Act, in order to fulfill his oath of office as Commander in Chief, POTUS Trump is the supreme Guardian and Leader of We the Peoples’ Union Republic (“We have given you a republic, if you can keep it”) to be more perfected, he is thrice charged to protect first and foremost the super citizenship of the chattel slave descendants, i.e., black citizens, not foreign invader-occupiers, regardless of their innocence and emotional pleas. See Sections 4, 8, and 9.

If you are wondering why there is so much growing turmoil, not just racially between white and black US citizens, but also, in politics, relating to Democratic and Republican Parties; along with civil injustice and social, societal dissolution, such as family, neighborhoods, communities, etc., whereby there is no rest nor reprieve from it, please know this prophetic statement from the greatest civilian citizens in US history.

“There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights.
The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.”
Rev.-Dr. MLK, Jr. “I Have A Dream” August 28,1963

Note: “Citizenship rights” means, not just technical or written on paper, but rather, experiential, “equal justice-protection under the law…as is enjoyed by white citizens”, i.e., regardless of ethno-racial identity, Americans of willing immigration, including black Africans.


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