Moratorium Proposition: Mission Statement – Four Talking Points

To  save a “nation of immigrants and chattel slaves”
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The Moratorium Proposition: Mission Statement – Four Talking Points

I. Cease any and all official Congressional and Presidential deliberations of, plans, and comprehensive illegal immigration reform (CIIR)-amnesties programs until Talking Point II is fully completed;

II. Congress and the Presidency, conduct thorough hearings and investigations to determine the astronomical impact of CIIR-amnesties, past, present and future, positive or negative upon American, black, US citizens, i.e., the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, so called, African-Americans.

III. If it is determined that CIIR-amnesties will advance the US Constitutional mandates of Section 1 of the *1866 Civil Rights Act, then naturally, it must be vigorously supported by all US citizens, et al.

IV. If is determined that the very opposite is true, in that CIIR-amnesties violates, abridges, undermines, thwarts and indeed nullifies the Act, then for he sake of national security, We the People must find an alternative that is mutually beneficial to all concerned.

The Moratorium Proposition is concerned with the matters of immigration reform (legal and illegal) as it pertains to the national security of the United States in relation to its impact on black, African-American US citizens, upon whose chattel slave ancestors’ backs “this nation of immigrants” is built, and continues to develop, by which all the world’s nations benefits.

See Participant Recruitment  and See Talking Points Narrative


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