Miracle News: Moratorium Proposition Part I Enacted: The Narrative


See Miracle News: Moratorium Proposition Part I, Enacted By US House of Representatives

In light of the predicted astronomical effects that comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) past, present and future will have on unsuspecting Americans of chattel slavery – Jim Crow *heritage, …enacting Part II of the Moratorium Proposition, being impact, investigative researches and hearings, would be the descent and moral, as well as legal action to take.

  • “heritage” – No other Americans has this experience and distinction of being specifically addressed by three consecutive, Constitutional Amendments, 13th, *14th, 15th

> “14th” – 1866 Civil Rights Act, progenitor and “Rosetta Stone” of the14th

How could the peoples of a nation of grateful immigrants not consider the potential ramification of CIR upon the Americans upon whose ancestors it is built?

Four Consecutive, Generational, Death-Dealing, “Hammer” Blows
It is historical fact, that these particular Americans are experiencing four consecutive, death-dealing “hammer” blows without intervals of reprieve or recovery, including that of emotional therapy.

First, 225 years of institutional, chattel slavery (1640-1865);
Second, and 99 years of Black Codes and racist legislation i.e., Jim Crowism    (1865-1964);
Third, followed by 48 (1964-2014) more of failed governmental social policies and programs designed to rectify the previous two consecutive calamities.

No doubt, three such blows of injustice would bring generational devastations upon any peoples, regardless of racial features, ethnicity, etc.

As result, it happens that these very special peoples of unwilling immigration with this generations-destroying experience of such calamities, leads this “nation of immigrants” in nearly every negative, social statistic, including being almost three times the unemployment rate of all other Americans.

Now, these most vulnerable US citizens are experiencing a fourth consecutive blow that may be the final, which is that of * ethno-racial cleansing by the recent decades of a massive, non-military invasion of the only country they know by foreign civilians entering and occupying it without official permission from the proper federal authorities, i.e., CIR.

  • “ethno-racial” – The human rights crime that directly proceed genocide.

This cruelty to the Americans of chattel slavery heritage by those of willing immigration (legally and undocumented), genocides the former out of the Declaration of Independence, as well as their Bill of Rights, along with the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments Civil Right protections and benefits, etc.

These four calamities are the result of the US federal government rebelling against GOD, The Judge of all the world in the matter of its covenant with it concerning the unfinished business of chattel slavery. 

The Federal Government’s Rebellion
Yet, certain in the federal government are aggressively seeking amnesty for those who breaks this countries laws, even over the heads US citizens upon whose ancestors’ backs this “nation of immigrants” t is built, without investigating its consequences.

Should the investigations of Part II determine that CIR will result in the fulfillment of the MLK Promissory Note by significantly advancing and protecting the sacred Subjects of * Section 1, of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, then indeed, it must be passed into law immediately upon discovery.

  • Section 1”  Constitutional codified, Progenitor and “Rosetta Stone” of the 14th

Or, should that not be the case, but rather one which is antagonistic to the very the sacred Act itself, which mandates the United States government to finish the business it has with GOD concerning chattel slavery, Jim Crowism and their respective generational consequences.

However, what once seemed to be a very difficult task, seems to have met with Divine Providence, in that, by actions of the Republican led House of Representatives Speaker suddenly put CIR in moratorium for at least the rest of  2014.  Thanks to the Judge of all the world!

A Unifying Proposition, As It Is Politically Transcendent and Benign
Without controversy, the residents and citizens of this “nation of immigrants” know that their freedoms to pursue * is based on the foundation of chattel slavery…a most unique American experience that haunts this “house divided against itself” over this issue since 1776.

  • “happiness” – This is property, transferred into money value, equaling in individual American Dream rights.

Up until Thursday, February 13th, CIR was fast moving towards its “11th hour”, legislative victory, with the Republican leadership joining the press for it.

However, it appear that Divine Providence, which is always a hallmark in Washington, DC around the existence of the chattel slaves and their descendant children, has apparently has manifested again, whereby the desired moratorium has become reality without CHNC nor the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are calling for it.

In other words, CHNC and CBC can’t be attacked for being against or stopping someone or anything.

  • “Without” – The heat off moratorium is on the Speaker-leadership of the Republican House caught in the middle by ceasing official CIR deliberations and are challenged to enact Part II, the investigative impact research and hearings.
  •      Republicans can either continue to moratorium on CIR until President demonstrates the willingness to enforce existing laws, and/or present viable alternatives to it
  • By enacting Part II, the Republican leadership not only gets what it wants, but also is covered by inviting all political factions to take the most serious concern for the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors since the era of the War To End slavery in the United States, the most noble of deeds.

Therefore, being that the Republican House leadership has put CIR into moratorium, the energy and time that would have gone there can now be directed to Part II

Now, since that unexpected decision, all that is left to be done to make the Proposition a reality, is for the Speaker to implement Part II, which is to conduct impact determination investigations.

All that we are requesting of this “nation of immigrants”, that before the Congress etc, resumes its sensitive deliberations on CIR next year of 2015, that it simply take the precious time to investigate its impact, positive or negative on the Americans of chattel slavery and Jim Crow heritage. 

This Congressional action can help to meet the challenges set forth by the Democratic  Party led, House and Senate Apology Resolutions For Slavery and Jim Crow, as well as the Senate Resolution Apology For Lynching.

As there are at least 9 months for this research work, and recognizing that time is of the essence, in the words of Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Now is the time…for the fierce urgency of Now…”

Thank you and Agape-Shalom~

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