The POTUS Is Arrestable IV: US Military Poised To Arrest POTUS

“Black Lives Matter” and “Black Life Must Breathe Free, Too”

The US Military Poised To Arrest POTUS, Part IV
By The Preamble Will and Authority of We the People
(Oath of Office of Every US Citizen)
Part I: The Four Goals Part II: The Preamble Authority and Charge | Part III: A Stern Warning

Among high crimes and misdemeanors, committed by this overly pompous POTUS, is primarily that of his blatant disregard to the Oath of Office that he holds, as evidenced by his rebellion to Section 1 & 2of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, particularly by leading the invasion-occupation of the United States, erroneously dubbed, “illegal immigration”- amnesties, so called comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), etc

Without controversy, even according to own words, the anti-Constitution rebellion of the POTUS is aiding and abetting a stealth, non-military, invasion-occupation of the United States by civilian citizens of foreign countries, with allied with domestic enemies.

Subsequently, more than impeachment, which is a long, slow, arduous, political partisan, process that does not guarantee punishment, such removal of the President from office, but according to Section of 2 of the Act, the POTUS is immediately arrestable, by the proper federal authorities.

1. The US Military Armed Forces
The only entity with the capability of arresting the Commander In Chief of the US Military Armed Forces, is none other than the military itself, that is the Pentagon, even above the Department of Defense (DOD)

Concomitantly, the only entity other than Commander in Chief with the authority to order the Armed Forces into domestic, and if necessary foreign action, is non-other than a unified and singularity focused, We the People.

The authority of We the People is derived directly from the Preamble of the Constitution charged to them/us by the founding fathers especially for times such as this, whereby a rogue President is presiding over the technical, and eventual total destruction of the United States and its’ American Dream Experiment.

2. The Joint Venture-Mission
It is evidential and correct, that that neither We the People, nor the US Military Armed Forces can act alone to arrest the mighty POTUS.

We the People of the United States have the Preamble authority of our founding fathers, whereas, the US Military Armed Forces has the power-capability.

Therefore, combined together in unison, they can successfully make the unprecedented arrest of a sitting US President, even as a example to future administrations.

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