The Presidential, 14th Amendment Legal and Moral Imperative

Mr. President, Please Visit Los Angeles Homelessness, 40% of whom are black citizens. Thanks

It is illegal and immoral to discuss CIIR, DACA, “dreamers” and Anchorism,
without first consideration their astronomical impact upon of USA black citizens

If the USA is a “nation of immigrants”, who then are the descendants of chattel slaves, i.e. US citizens, who unlike Americans of willing immigrant heritage, their/our ancestors were brought by immigrants against their wills, shackled in chains, sold to other immigrants to serve them generation after generation, for 245 years, along with their innocent children’s children’s, children’ children as living, human property until they died”

Instead, America is nation of immigrants built on back of chattel slaves.
The term and sentiment, “nation of immigrant” insinuates that chattel slaves descendants don’t exist in the minds of Americans, or they/we have “overcome”

Such a term is far worse than calling black citizens the so called, N-word or nigger.

Without the shame, unjust, immoral, unwilling chattel slave  heritage of black citizens, there would not be any “proud” willing immigrant heritages.

“Illegal immigration hurts US black citizens more than anybody else”
POTUS, Donald J. Trump

“Illegal immigration, invasion-occupation is the greatest threat to black citizens and national security since chattel slavery”
Ted Hayes

If the two above statements are true, then there must be full comprehensive, bipartisan investigation to either verify or debunk it.

The Moratorium Proposition 

The time frames set by POTUS, the Hon. Donald J. Trump, for the February 8th DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) discussions, and the March 5th dateline for a CIIR (comprehensive illegal immigration reform) bill to sign, has now come and gone, due to stalemate in Congress, meaning a naturally, forced moratorium.

In the meantime, this situation may be perhaps, the providential, optimum time “window”  whereby, via the Moratorium Proposition whereby the generational, unfinished plight of US black citizens can be returned to being this erroneously purported, immigration nation’s Number One matter of its business, even as it was under Abraham Lincoln…when America was truly great!

Note: Black citizens, i.e., the descendants of chattel slaves, Freemen, domestic refugees, et al upon whose backs this purported “nation of immigrants” is built.

Note: The Civil War era…pre, during and post, was the greatest generation of in US history, because, unlike WWII, which was about Europe, this was the crowning moment in defining what the identity and character of our county would be forever.

Note – hint – “Make America Great Again”: POTUS Trump, whose number one Presidential mentor is Abraham Lincoln, has stated that he seeks to emulate him, and even do better than, meaning to finish where was cut off when suddenly assassinated for wanting to truly make America great by empowering the freed chattel slaves with full citizenship, and especially the vote, in order to participate in governing the republic, thereby fulfilling the Preamble edict to We the People “to form a more perfect Union”, as proclaimed by the Declaration of Independenc, by rectifying 245 year great imperfection of generations-destroying chattel slavery. 

  • Regardless of wealth, military might, platitudes of freedom and liberty, etc., Lincoln understood that as long as chattel slavery was practiced, and its generational effects lingering, the USA could, and will never be great, but indeed perish from the earth instead.

According to the edicts of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, by which it is codified and enshrined into the US Constitution, and being based in the January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, the POTUS is thrice ordered in Sections 4, 8, and 9, with the threat of Section 2, if he fails in his responsibility to defend the Constitution via his direct protection of the only Americans under White House and Pentagon jurisdiction.

When POTUS Has Reason To Believe
By the authority of Section 8 of the Act, we are well within our perfect Constitutional right to address the POTUS on this matter, which states,

“…whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that offences have been or are likely to be committed against the provisions of this act…it shall be lawful for him, in his discretion…for such time as he may designate, for the purpose of the more speedy arrest and trial of persons charged with a violation of this act;”

Given his assertion that “illegal immigration” hurts black citizens more than anybody else, is cause for the POTUS to meet with us on how to morally, as well as legally rectify it!

Dangerously Absent In The Equation
Whether, television, radio, print, media, etc., while there is intense Congressional concern and argument over the state and fate of foreigners whom are intentionally or innocently within our borders, invading and occupying various regions of the United States, US black citizens are totally ignored as though they/we don’t exist, or have “overcome”.

Note: The 14th Amendment is the National Birth and Identity Certificate belonging solely to the freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, et al, and their innocent, descendant children, i.e., black citizens; whom are to be protected by the federal government, primarily that of the Presidency from abridgment by States.

Nation of Immigrants
The sentiment that the USA is “a nation of immigrants” is insensitive, ethno-racial immoral, dangerous and US Constitutionally wrong, because if so, then whom are we US black citizens?

Essentially it says, that the very people upon whose ancestor’s backs their “immigrant nation” is built, doesn’t exist and is therefore of no political, civil, social, spiritual, cultural, consequences, which dangerously leads to physical genocide.

Unlike other Americans (excluding Indigenous-Indians) whom are of willing immigration heritage (legal or illegally), black peoples are not, but rather that of chattel slavery heritage, whom were purchased by European, American, Christian and Jewish merchants from West African and Muslim slave traders, and unwilling brought to British-USA shackled in chains as slaves to serve life sentences with their children as living, human property to immigrant Americans.   

The moral and legal correct term should be either “Nation of immigrants build upon the backs of chattel slaves”, or “Nation of immigration build upon chattel slavery”; or “Nation of immigrants, built by immigrants, upon the backs of chattel slaves, for immigrants”; or “…government of the immigrants, by the immigrants and for the immigrants”, or better, “Nation of immigrants and chattel slaves”.

The Abraham Lincoln Factor
In the mind-set of his number one mentor, the Hon. Abraham Lincoln whom he has sworn to emulate and even do better than, among other matters relating to American, US black citizens, the fundamental message of his Presidential announcing speech, candidate Donald J. Trump declared the following, which is now the center of his Presidential Administrative policy on immigration:

  1. He will build a border security “wall” to end “illegal immigration”, invasion-occupation of the USA
  2. Because while everyone suffers from it, “illegal immigration” hurts black citizens more than anybody else;
  3. The Democratic Party is historically and classically racially bigoted against black citizen, particularly those residing in the urban centers;

Note: It’s primarily the Democratic Party that held blacks in 245 years of generations-destroying, chattel slavery, followed, without any reprieve by 99 years of Black Codes and Jim Crowism, enforced by its paramilitary terrorist arm, the KKK; 54 years of deliberately failed, governmental social policies and programs; and since 1965 waged a campaign of ethno-racial cleansing of blacks out of Americana by its ardent support for

Our Justified Concerns
The DACA Matter I:
What about an IAIBC plan? (Immediate Action for Innocent Black Child)

Note: For generations since 1620, the innocent black child was born into life sentences servings Americans of immigrant heritages.

The DACA Matter II – Options:  DACA may stay, but no voting for themselves or their descendant children, ever; no free education; welfare, i.e., food, housing, healthcare; no employment; no military service;

Note:: Whether they stay or deported back into their home countries direct jurisdiction, out of 14th Amendment compliance, US, particularly the Presidency demands their own home governments, to support them and their families from whence the came.

Whether in the United States or in their home countries, the parents of these innocent individuals should be apprehended, tried and if found guilty, punished for child endangerment;

  1. For the initial dangerous, risky border crossing, invasion
  2. For the present emotional stress heaped upon these now adult children

Note: Their anger should not be towards the US and its citizens, but rather their parents failed governments who betrayed to the USA.

Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform (CIIR)
There absolutely can be no settlements on DACA or CIR without including the state and fate of black citizens in the equations.

Time to demand the Moratorium Proposition which is the cessation of all official government conversation, i.e., policy making and planning, including implementation of programs, etc., until a full, comprehensive, open-public, all partisan investigation to determine the astronomical past, present and future impact upon black citizens, i.e., the chattel slave descendants, et al. 

This action will immediate stop all aspects of CIIR as no descent US citizens or want to be such, can morally, nor legally resist, but rather out of deep respect and appreciation to Americans whose chattel slavery experience allows them an immigrant heritage, to warmly embrace it, including La Raza’s Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), and of course, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) See  


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