The Question of Racism in the Undocumented Immigration Issues

The policies of the Capitol Hill National Caucus (CHNC) are not based on skin color – racial identity, ethnicity, minority-majority, et al, but rather on the unique EXPERIENCE by which a people of the African continent were brought by immigrants into that of the Americas to be enslaved by immigrants.

Therefore, eliminating the “race-card’ weapon from all deliberations concerning immigration, legal or undocumented, is a primary component of the CHNC agenda.

The Face of Immigration Reform
Until now, the face of the peoples upon whose ancestors’ backs this “nation of immigrants” is built, has been conspicuously absent from the discussions concerning comprehensive undocumented immigration reform.

Whereas, the issue has predominantly been the domain of White-Caucasians, including Hispanic/Latinos, who according the US federal government and their own birth certificates, are self-designated as also White-Caucasian.

Yet appears that in the absence of “Black” face and voice, the proponents of amnesties have seized upon to effective use the race as an element to justify them by promulgating the notion that anyone, particularly English-speaking, American citizens who resist it is racist.

Based on racial characteristics, i.e., skin color (primarily brown-bronze), minority status as ethnic “immigrant”, even and language and culture, amnesty activists equates the struggles of immigration reform with that of chattel slavery and Jim Crowism.

Should anyone of that mentality and attitude is encouraged to refrain from such rhetoric when discussing the matters of undocumented immigration reform, lest they be perceived as genuine White supremacist racist, usurpers of Constitutional law by attempting to strip American, Black, US citizens of their Civil Rights heritage, legacy and benefits.

Such is especially poignant as it relates to Hispanic/Latinos who have been and are quick to accuse American, Black US citizens of racism, as they themselves are primarily White-Caucasians.

Be Careful About Calling Others Racist
Besides, was it not the race, culture of the European, Spanish culture and language which along with that of the Portuguese that purchased and exported 94% of the West African Transatlantic Slave Trade into Mexico, Central and South America, as well as genocide the many indigenous nations residing there; whereas, only a mere 6% were brought to the northern continent.

Therefore, Hispanic/Latinos, immigrant heritage who disagree with the CHNC’s First Amendment Rights to express implementation of the 14th Amendment as originally intended, would do themselves good to cease from racialist rhetoric, that all may achieve the truth, which will set us free. 

It is imperative that they heed this admonition, lest they appear to be hateful, spiteful, and truly racist far beyond that of the rhetoric and violent racist antics the Anglo-Euro American, Ku Klux Klan (KKK) that suppressed the freed chattel slaves, their descendant children and Jim Crow survivors.

This is a ranking that the Hispanic/Latino, La Raza movement should not want as its legacy.

Thanks you for your interest and concern.


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