The Conspicious and Dangerous Exclusion of American Black US Citizens From Immigration Reform Debates

“Black Lives Matter” and “Black Life Must Breathe Free, Too”

Until now, all discussions and deliberations around the issues of immigration reform, legal or illegal, have been conducted by White-Caucasian peoples, including Hispanic/Latino immigrants and advocates, which according to their home nations’ constitutions and the US federal government, as well as their own birth certificates are designated as White-Caucasian.

Conspicuously and dangerously, the very American citizens who are disaffected by immigration issues more than all others by far are the descendants of the British-American chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

Therefore, in light of their unique American experience as non-willing immigrants, i.e, descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, the state and looming fate of doom confronting American Black US citizens must be at the very center of any comprehensive immigration reform.

NOTE: All Boats Do Not Rise!
History demonstrates that when the economy of the United State goes down, all Americans except the very rich are negatively effected.

However, when the economy returns goes up to health, all Americans and/or those within US borders prosper except those who are the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

As the goes the proverb, “When the waters of the economy rises, all boats are lifted”.

This sentiment is not true for the descendants of chattel slaves.  Again history demonstrates that in fact, all American boats of willing immigrant heritage do rise except those of the chattel slave descendants, et al.

The boats of the chattel slave descendants actually sink and remain entrapped in the sticky mud at the bottom of the proverbial river of the economy, where they have consistently resided and survived as “submarines” since 1865…the end of the US Civil War to end slavery.

Ethno-racial Cleansing of Chattel Slave Descendants & Jim Crow Survivors
Concomitantly, while illegal immigration – invasion adversely affects all American US citizens, it portends the absolute, ethno-racial cleansing devastation of the descendant of chattel slaves, et al.

Yet, American leaders have deliberately and dangerously chosen to exclude the peoples upon whose backs this “nation o f immigrants”, documented or undocumented, is built.

All the leading debaters on the immigration issue are Anglo-English, White-Caucasians or Hispanic/Latinos, primarily Mexican who according to their home governments, the US federals and their own birth certificates, are designated as White-Caucasian of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity.

Yet, the peoples who are the most adversely effected by immigrations, the non-immigrants are dangerously and conspicuously absent from the immigration debate.

Note that the cultures of both sets of these White-Caucasian peoples of European immigrant origins, primarily England and Spain.

These two nations who have been rivals (as all of Europe bloodily squabbles with itself) even before they instituted the Transatlantic Slave Trade out of a bleeding African continent.

Therefore, as chattel slave descendant children, et al, at the hands of White-Caucasians, including immigrants, are left out of this debate, it has all the markings of a conjoined, White supremacy and racism act against the generational victims of chattel slavery and Jim Crowism.

Of course, these unique Americans happen to be a slavery enforced collective of Black or Negro (Spanish for the English word, black) of various continental African nations.

Multi-cultural-ethnic Racism
Hence, if this suspicion of multi-cultural, immigrant racism is to be weigh-laid, the state and fate of chattel slaves, et al, must immediately be brought into the debate of any comprehensive immigration reform bill, etc.

Otherwise, take heed, because it sounds, looks, walks, and feels like racist, multi-ethno-racial hating (gang-banging) on Black peoples.

The Danger of Excluding Descendants of Chattel Slaves, et al
Investigations will not only reveal the underlying reasons why this “nation of immigrants” is conspicuously excluding the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors from immigration concerns, but also the threatening danger such negligence posses to it.

This is especially poignant in light of the fact that according to the Declaration of Independence and the Emancipation Proclamation, the United States “nation of immigrants” has a business covenant with GOD about HIS concerns around the issues of chattel slavery and its generational aftermath, which is the primary Biblical reason for the present calamities being visited upon it.  See GOD In The Declaration of Independence

As Abraham Lincoln came to fully understand, that as long as the matter of chattel slavery and its aftermath is not fully and completely dealt with according to the appeasement of the Judge of all the earth, this “exceptional nation” and its American Dream experiment will be cancelled as failure…whereby the Republican form of government of, by, and for the people will indeed “perish from the earth”.  See The Gettysburg Admonition & Warning

Therefore, based on the chastisement of the US Civil War of 150 years ago, it is not wise and in the interest of immigrants, documented or undocumented, to continue to exclude the very peoples upon whose chattel enslaved ancestors backs this “exceptional, divine providential, Judaic-Christian, one nation under GOD, of immigrants” is built…lest American suffer a worse fate.  See “Rude Awakening Warnings”

This is precisely why, Congress must immediately call for a moratorium on all discussions and deliberations on comprehensive immigration reform, etc, until the appropriate, full, completed Tri-federal investigative hearings can determine its effects, positive or negative upon the descendants of chattel slaves, Jim Crow survivors and their children.

Finally, not only is this deliberate conspicuousness dangerous, but also immoral, unkind, cruel, selfish, hateful, shameful, anti-humanity and GOD.

We can do better than this!


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